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Jacob's Foot: Something Nice Back Home


 : Something Nice Back Home

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The episode: Something Nice Back Home

Original Airdate: May 1, 2008

Written By: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz

Directed By: Stephen Williams

Content (from ABC/ When Jack's health is seriously compromised, Kate and Juliet must work together to save him while something goes wrong as Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles continue their trek back to the beach. In flashforwards, Jack's relationship with Kate and his mental health begin to deteriorate as he is given a prophetic message from Hurley and sees visions of his dead father.

Why It's Worth Re-Watching:  This episode reveals the beginnings of Suicide Beard Jack (as seen in Through The Looking Glass). Suicide Beard Jack is great. This is one heck of an episode though (and one that I think might be overlooked a bit considering The Shape of Things To Come preceded it and Cabin Fever followed it). This episode has a nice contrast, nice juxtaposition. On The Island, we still see a very determined Jack who wants nothing but to get everybody rescused. In the Flash-Forward, the beginning of his need to return to The Island is revealed. One of the most important scenes in the episode is between Bernard and Rose, when Rose tells Bernard that people don't get sick on the Island, that they get better.

The entire Jack flashforward is terrific. He's still haunted by the memories of his father, still as paranoid, insecure, and jealous as he was with Sarah in A Tale Of Two Cities, and still a man of science who has not yet been broken apart by the appearance of John Locke and the subsequent news of Locke's death which is why he doesn't listen to Hurley as he should. Speaking of the Hurley/Jack scene, it is one of my favorite scenes in LOST. Perhaps I will one day write an entry about all of my favorite scenes. Giacchino's music is powerful during that scene as Hurley tells Jack about his conversations with Charlie and the prophetic warnings.

The flashforward, as you know from the content, deals with Jack's relationship with Kate and the end of it and what happens in this episode is Jack's reason, as he states to Sawyer in The Incident, for wanting to change the past to change the future with Jughead.

There's also another major happening in this episode: Claire's disappearance. She is startled awake and finds her father holding Aaron and then we don't see her again. There's been theories about Miles interest in Claire throughout this episode that harkens back to The Shape of Things To Come when Miles utters 'well, I wouldn't be too sure of that' when Claire answers Sawyer's concern about her health with 'yeah, a bit wobbly, but, uh, I'll live.' Those theories involve a possibly ghostly quality to Claire. Who knows. Claire's story will very likely be addressed in a few months when season six begins. It's going to be immense I think. As for the episode at hand, this is the one in which she leaves with her father.

Sawyer is great in this episode. He takes care of Claire throughout. He's constantly on-guard for danger and the episode ends with him frantically searching for Claire.

As for other events in the episode, Daniel tries hard to gain the trust of the Lostaways. Charlotte continues to be a so and so in this one. Jin steps up for his wife in this one too which is great. Frank also saves Sawyer, Claire, Aaron, and Mile's butts when Keamy and crew arrive.

Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz wrote another gem (this is yet another episode of theirs that has been episode of the day) and the great Stephen Williams directed it. You can view the episode at or on Netflix Instantly Watch!


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