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Jacob's Foot: Something Nice Back Home


 : Something Nice Back Home

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The episode: Something Nice Back Home

Original Airdate: May 1, 2008

Written By: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz

Directed By: Stephen Williams

Content (from ABC/ When Jack's health is seriously compromised, Kate and Juliet must work together to save him while something goes wrong as Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles continue their trek back to the beach. In flashforwards, Jack's relationship with Kate and his mental health begin to deteriorate as he is given a prophetic message from Hurley and sees visions of his dead father.

Why It's Worth Re-Watching:  This episode reveals the beginnings of Suicide Beard Jack (as seen in Through The Looking Glass). Suicide Beard Jack is great. This is one heck of an episode though (and one that I think might be overlooked a bit considering The Shape of Things To Come preceded it and Cabin Fever followed it). This episode has a nice contrast, nice juxtaposition. On The Island, we still see a very determined Jack who wants nothing but to get everybody rescused. In the Flash-Forward, the beginning of his need to return to The Island is revealed. One of the most important scenes in the episode is between Bernard and Rose, when Rose tells Bernard that people don't get sick on the Island, that they get better.

The entire Jack flashforward is terrific. He's still haunted by the memories of his father, still as paranoid, insecure, and jealous as he was with Sarah in A Tale Of Two Cities, and still a man of science who has not yet been broken apart by the appearance of John Locke and the subsequent news of Locke's death which is why he doesn't listen to Hurley as he should. Speaking of the Hurley/Jack scene, it is one of my favorite scenes in LOST. Perhaps I will one day write an entry about all of my favorite scenes. Giacchino's music is powerful during that scene as Hurley tells Jack about his conversations with Charlie and the prophetic warnings.

The flashforward, as you know from the content, deals with Jack's relationship with Kate and the end of it and what happens in this episode is Jack's reason, as he states to Sawyer in The Incident, for wanting to change the past to change the future with Jughead.

There's also another major happening in this episode: Claire's disappearance. She is startled awake and finds her father holding Aaron and then we don't see her again. There's been theories about Miles interest in Claire throughout this episode that harkens back to The Shape of Things To Come when Miles utters 'well, I wouldn't be too sure of that' when Claire answers Sawyer's concern about her health with 'yeah, a bit wobbly, but, uh, I'll live.' Those theories involve a possibly ghostly quality to Claire. Who knows. Claire's story will very likely be addressed in a few months when season six begins. It's going to be immense I think. As for the episode at hand, this is the one in which she leaves with her father.

Sawyer is great in this episode. He takes care of Claire throughout. He's constantly on-guard for danger and the episode ends with him frantically searching for Claire.

As for other events in the episode, Daniel tries hard to gain the trust of the Lostaways. Charlotte continues to be a so and so in this one. Jin steps up for his wife in this one too which is great. Frank also saves Sawyer, Claire, Aaron, and Mile's butts when Keamy and crew arrive.

Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz wrote another gem (this is yet another episode of theirs that has been episode of the day) and the great Stephen Williams directed it. You can view the episode at or on Netflix Instantly Watch!


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Jacob's Foot: Confidence Man


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The episode
: Confidence Man
Original Airdate: November 10, 2004
Written By: Damon Lindelof
Directed By: Tucker Gates

Content (from original ABC press release/ Shannon begins to suffer badly from her asthma and requires her inhaler. When the survivors ask Sawyer for it, he refuses, leading Jack and Sayid to contemplate using any means necessary to get it. Flashbacks in this episode focus on a smooth-talking Sawyer conning his lover Jessica and her family.

Why It's Worth Re-Watching: Up until this point in season one, the audience had nothing but ill feelings for Sawyer. The only glimpse of decency of him was in the Pilot when he is seen reading the letter. Kate realizes that Sawyer wants people to hate him. This episode is one of the finest in the show. There's three separate Island stories in this episode. The biggest one is, of course, whether or not Sawyer has the inhalers. The second is Shannon's asthma and the danger that she'll have an attack without the inhalers to aid her. The third, and most underrated, is Charlie's efforts to convince Claire to move into the caves. There is a minor fourth story in which Sayid talks about being hit on the head in the jungle while trying to get a signal with the tranceivers. Locke (the culprit) throws Sawyer under the bus which leads to...well, I'll get to it. Sawyer also has one hell of a flashback in which he nearly does the same thing to a family that was done to him. This is one of the many first season episodes that I'll point to when discussing why LOST is the greatest television drama ever created. Strong flashback, strong Island stories, beautiful cinematography, strong acting, excellent pacing, excellent writing, great directing.

To be honest, I'm in awe of season one, especially the first eleven episodes. I think it's about as close to perfection as a season of television gets. I digress though.

Back to the episode, Sawyer beats up Boone for going through his stash. Jack and Sawyer nearly come to blows before Kate separates them. Jack states that 'we're not savages yet' when asked why he didn't kill Sawyer. Kate tells Jack that she thinks she'll be able to talk to Sawyer because Sawyer thinks the two of them have a connection. She does talk to him in which she finds out it'll take a kiss from her to get the inhalers. She also reads the letter after she questions how bad of a guy Sawyer really is. This question of character leads to the flashback in which we see the events described in the letter. Meanwhile, Jack and Sayid get increasingly angry. Sayid offers to use what he learned in the Republican Guard on Sayid. Jack is at first reluctant but then gives in. Sayid tortures the heck of Sawyer. Sawyer doesn't talk. Kate reluctantly agrees to kiss Sawyer. They do. And then Sawyer admits that he doesn't have the inhalers. Sayid comes back, goes crazy, tackles Sawyer, and stabs him in the arm and hits a major artery. Later, when Sawyer comes to after being saved by Jack, Kate is sitting with him and tells him that she knows he wrote the letter and that it happened to him. The end of his flashback is poignant as well. Sawyer doesn't go through with the deal after seeing the child. Anywho, Sawyer tells Kate that he became the man he was hunting, he became Sawyer at the age of 19 and then gets angry and asks Kate not to feel sorry for him.

I know I pretty much summarized the A plot but it's worth it. It's that good. The end of this episode is one of my favorite scenes in the series. It's the final scene of the episode before the montage begins. The music swells, the ocean is hitting the shoreline, and Sayid is packing some things. Kate wonders what Sayid's doing. Sayid tells her that he can't stay at camp, that what he did today, what he almost did he swore to never do again. Kate reminds him that they still don't know "what's out there." Sayid then tells her: "I have worse things to fear than what's in the jungle." A line that speaks volumes about the show's true purpose. I'll quit rambling about the final scene and instead show it:

As for the rest of the episode, Sun saves the day for Shannon with eucalyptus (that Michael brings to her as he is the only one on the Island who knows she speaks English at this point). I always enjoyed the scene when Sun is aiding Shannon with the eucalyptus, and Jack is surprised at himself for not remembering eucalyptus. And Charlie is able to convince Claire after bonding with her about what they miss from home. She says peanut butter and that leads to a delightful scene.

This is also the last episode with a montage as Hurley's CD player batteries die.

The great Damon Lindelof wrote this episode alone. He nailed this episode. There's not a weak spot writing-wise in it. Tucker Gates, a former director for Buffy (Fear Itself) and ANGEL (Hero) directed the episode. Larry Fong did a marvelous job as the DP.  And, as always, Michael Giacchino wrote a beautiful score for this episode.

This is one of my favorite episodes of LOST. You've gotta re-watch this one. Link for the episode is at the very top. To end this, here is the LOST: On Location for Confidence Man:

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Jacob's Foot: Fire + Water


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The episode: Fire + Water
Original Airdate: January 25, 2006
Written By: Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz
Directed By: Jack Bender

Content: Charlie comes to the conclusion that Aaron must be baptized and be "saved", prompting him to recall his past of trying to save his brother. Meanwhile, the first signs of Hurley and Libby's relationship begin to show.

Why It's Worth Re-Watching: The source of Charlie's dreams has never been revealed. These dreams are what lead to Charlie's temporary fall in season two. On certain LOST message boards, this episode is being perceived differently in light of the finale. Be cautious though. LOST is a story. Not a Calculus III problem. It seems safe to assume that Charlie's dreams were a result of the none-too-pleasant situation with Claire. She ousted Charlie from contact with her or Aaron after she discovered the Virgin Mary statue. As the flashback reveals, Charlie is a big family man and he struggles to help Liam with his drug addiction. He wants Liam to be there for his wife and newborn baby girl much like, on the Island, he wants to be there for Claire and Aaron. The episode features a lot of religious symbolism (as was custom during this Man of Faith vs. Man of Science season). This episode also connects the dots as far as Liam's recovery is concerned. We see Liam as a rehabilitated man in 'The Moth' and in this episode we see how he began to make that change (selling Charlie's piano for a plane ticket to his new life).

This episode also features an intentionally-set-fire-to-distract-people scene, so that Charlie can save Aaron. I will note that season five featured a similar scene, in the episode 'He's Our You.' In that episode, a vacant Dharma van crashes into a house and sets fire to the house. This seems to be little Ben's deed so that he can free Sayid 'The Other' and have Sayid take him to The Others camp. Of course, this backfires on Ben and Sayid shoots him. Anywho, the fire in Fire + Water backfires on Charlie (don't do what Charlie did, kids), he gets the tar beat out of him by Locke.

Locke became Claire's unofficial protector for a brief period of time. But Claire liked Locke ever since he made her that crib for Aaron.

In the Official Podcast re-hash for the episode, Carlton and Damon wonder whether or not Locke feels for Claire in a more than friendly way or whether he just wants to protect her. They never gave an answer to the question but the series did. Charlie and Claire make up later in the season to put your minds at ease (he even gets a kiss!) and Locke is busy being a key player in the set-up for the final four seasons (more on that some other time).

As for the B story in this episode, Sawyer helps Hurley with Libby. Libby is more mysterious on every re-watch. In this instance, she makes up an anecdote about Hurley stepping on her foot on the airplane. Hurley remembers her from the mental hospital but he doesn't remember that he remembers and she steers him away with that false anecdote.

Claire does listen to Charlie about baptism. She consults Mr. Eko about it. Mr. Eko tells her the story of John the Baptist baptizing Christ. His explanation is much different than the one Locke gives to Claire earlier. Claire is motivated to also get baptized so that she and Aaron will never be apart.

Overall, it's a good episode. It's not the best episode of LOST but it's not the worst. I had issues with it when it originally aired but then again I had issues with some of season two and how characters were being written and the reruns and other stuff. Anywho, Dom Monoghan and Emilie de Ravin were both great in this. Emilie breaks our hearts with her 'you're hurting me, Charlie.' Oh Emilie.


The entire episode can be seen right here

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Jacob's Foot: Random LOST stuff and True Blood

I'm in a writing kind of mood tonight. Check out a piece I cooked up on (what else?) LOST at I think the piece turned out well. I would link it in this very spot but isn't working at the moment.

This entry will most involve posting the final LOSTed episode, some archival LOST stuff I wrote in 2007, and that's about it. A fairly lax entry. Plus, I'm watching Phils and Braves so no real interest in writing a lot. Time for True Blood:


I didn't write about last week's episode of True Blood. Godric emerged as Jesus of the vampire community, Jason became friends with vampires, etc, etc. You know what happened.

On this week's episode, which ended rougly 90 minutes ago, Eric pulled a Squints from The Sandlot on Sookie, Sookie had quite a dream about Eric because he is now a part of her and with that comes sexual feelings, Jason and Sookie are finally on the same page, Bill punched Eric in the mouth for pulling a Squints on his girl, Luke launched a suicide attack on the vampire community, Godric sacrificed himself for some reason, Eric didn't want him to, Hoyt and his mother continued to fight, Sam found a clever way out of prison, Maryann continues to be the worst part of season two, Alan Ball continues to avoid character assassination by blacking out the eyes of characters the audience likes, Eggs got his butt kicked while under the control of bulljawn by Lafayette, Lafayette continued to show that no person should ever mess with him or his family, Isabel is surely becoming a favorite of mine, Anna Paquin looked fantastic, Sam visited Andy in a hotel room to presumably begin plotting against Maryann/bulljawn, the parallels between Sookie and Eric to Buffy and Spike makes it feel like Alan Ball/Charlaine Harris is plagiarizing the work of Joss and his writers, Angel will always be cooler than Bill, and that's about it for the summary/my thoughts for the episode. An enjoyable episode. I'm looking forward to everyone ganging up to take down Maryann. I'm also looking forward to how similar Sookie and Eric are to Buffy and Spike and later writing comments about Alan Ball ripping off Joss Whedon.

LOST archive time!



I don't like informing the reader of what it is being written about LOST wise . I don't know why that is but that's the way it is.  You'll be able to figure it out though. Quotation marks begin said archives.

"To the rankings I shall go!
Whereas last week so no moves from me or steve, this week has some movement. No change in the top fives, but there's some movement. Tom moved up Steve's board, which demoted Juliet. The ladies moved around on my board save for Kate. Charlie also moved up a spot.

As far as the episode, I had two Holy Shit! moments. The two being when Mikhail showed up and when the new girl said the plane was found and no one survived the crash. I love this show. And the small Claire scene rocked so much that she jumped two spots on my list. Jin rocks. The scene when he promised to take care of Sun and his alertness to get the phone from Mikhail are two of the lights. Additionally, Jin's father is great. The LOST writers are very good when they create characters. Jin's father made an impression on me in season one and did not disappoint tonight. 5/5.

Now, enjoy the rankings. Or don't. It's up to you.


1. Sayid
2. Desmond
3. Kate
4. Sawyer
5. Jack
6. Locke
7. Jin
8. Hurley
9. Ben
10. Claire
11. Sun
12. Charlie
13. Juliet
14. Tom
15. Rousseau
16. Aaron


1. Sayid
2. Locke
3. Sawyer
4. Desmond
5. Kate
6. Jack
7. Jin
8. Ben
9. Hurley
10. Rousseau
11. Claire
12. Sun
13. Tom
14. Juliet
15. Charlie
16. Aaron"

Here ends this week's edition of Archives. I am sure that was fantastic for all reading.

It's time to post the final episode of Guy Sahaf's LOSTed. It ended in 2006. Nothing topped the Everybody Hates Henry episode though. As far as this episode is concerned, the animation for Dr. Chang is fantastic. Walt is also hilarious in this one.  The voice for Ben always cracks me up as well. Enjoy:

Well, that about wraps up this fairly eventful edition of Jacob's Foot. Expect a LOST episode of the day tomorrow.

In the meantime, check out for the latest edition of the special summer online version of The Quad. The EIC himself penned a review for District 9 and wrote about how Philadelphia has become a town that embraces second chances for troubled players.

And, check out the other blogs on this very site. Tara wrote about Facebook and its many transformations. And Colin has all-things-movies covered.

And Ryan Howard just hit his second homer of the night (a three run shot). Phils lead 4-1. Good times!

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Jacob's Foot: Mysteries of The Universe

I've never been a man who made lists of what needs to be done. Maybe I should begin making lists. I have this feeling that I will need to keep track of various writing assignments. And it's really more a fact than merely a feeling. Yes, I should begin making lists.

For instance, I set out to write about this Mysteries of the Universe that debuted in late July on from the LOST folks. I meant to address it Monday but that topic got lost amongst the Oasis Off finale excitement. As I sat, preparing to write the very entry that you are reading, I pondered over whether to write a LOST episode of the day or whether to write about something else that isn't an episode. I then remembered that Mysteries of The Universe is waiting to be written about.

I think it is time to write lists.

Anywho, before diving into the first two episodes of the Mysteries of the Universe, I'd like to write a few words about the future of this very blog. The school year is fast approaching. The first issue of The Quad is beginning to form. Oasis Off is now over. True Blood gets, at most, a paragraph in The Foot. Once the school year begins, you'll find behind the scenes happenings at The Quad and other fun stuff like that and you'll continue to get weekly thoughts about LOST as the sixth and final season nears.


Somehow the news of this faux-documentary didn't register with me when it was announced at Comic-Con. The faux-documentary is presented as being originally aired on an ABC Primetime-esque program. The focal point of the documentary is The Dharma Intiative. It has a 5 episode run which will conclude in November. The first episode is set-up for what's to come. The second episode is where it gets entertaining. The narrator speaks about the recruitment process of Dharma (the mysterious process). The filmmakers speak to a neighbor of PHIL (yes that Phil who hit Juliet and made my top 9 so and so list in May) who tells the narrator that he knew Phil was interviewing for a new job but that he was interviewed five times and then one day disappeared and had all of his possessions sold by anonymous men. The filmmakers also speak to the parents of Olivia Goodspeed (Horace's wife, taught Ben and Annie at school) about their daughter's disappearance.

A very interesting thing about the recruitment process is that it is similar to the recruitment we saw of Juliet to Mittelos Bioscience. The Dharma recruitment process is secretive, recruits simply disappear, have no contact with their families once a member of the Dharma Initiative. The difference is that Dharma didn't use a front. They just seem to want to be hidden from society. Mittelos Bioscience is a front The Others used.

Another big difference: we know what Dharma was doing on The Island. We still don't know the ultimate purpose of The Others (i think that'll surely be addressed in the final season).

Below are the first two episodes of the Mysteries of the Universe:

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Jacob's Foot: Driveshaft and The End of Oasis Off

The first four seasons of LOST are available on Netflix's Instantly Watch. Season Five will be available in September. Take advantage of this opportunity, everybody. There's never going to be a show quite like LOST. Make sure to be caught up by season six as well because there is nothing quite like watching a season of LOST in real time during its five month schedule.

Season One and the last half of season five are now available on I will be using for my delightful LOST episodes of the week. I've been waiting for this for some time now so I'm glad finally made at least some episodes available. Funny enough (and not funny at all actually) the next episode of the day will not be a season one nor latter half of season five episode.

Anywho, today is the culmination of Oasis Off. After about two months of Oasis songs and videos, I feel it is now right to connect Oasis with LOST (you had to know it would end this way, right?).

Yes, from the onset of Oasis Off, the endgame was tying it into LOST. This is Jacob's Foot after all. Once upon a time, 'You All Everybody' by Driveshaft, Charlie Pace's beloved band, was a pretty popular tune. You remember that, right?

[caption id="attachment_935" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="You all everybody...YOU ALL EVERYBODY!"]You all everybody...YOU ALL EVERYBODY![/caption]

In a season two episode entitled 'Fire + Water,' Driveshaft makes some changes to the song for a commercial as they are willing to do anything for the almighty pound. The chorus changes to include the company name. Number Five on his Greatest Hits is the first time Driveshaft was played on the radio. Anywho, Charlie and his brother, Liam (also the lead singer) start the band together, record a record, and become a one-hit wonder, essentially. The drugs and groupies pour in. And then sibling rivalry begins. Charlie gets mad at Liam during a flashback in 'The Moth' for stealing Charlie's parts in 'You All Everybody,' which reminds one of the stories of Liam and Noel arguing over who sings what. One can dare say Liam pulled a Liam on Charlie's Noel. Oh yes, the band hails from Manchester.

Yes, Driveshaft is essentially a fictionalized version of Oasis, that is if Oasis was a one-hit wonder who bottomed out after Live Forever. The homage is there. Liam, Charlie's brother, sings with the same swagger and snotnose style that Liam Gallagher has perfected through the years. Liam even uses the words 'rock god' as does Charlie.

My ramblings will stop here though despite the other connections I have not named but there's a video to be shown. The season one dvd has an extra on Driveshaft. That extra is on YouTube and that YouTube video is right below these words you are reading right now so stop reading and watch:

And, of course, Charlie is seen playing 'Wonderwall' in 'Flashes Before Your Eyes.'

[caption id="attachment_934" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Charlie will save Nadia after singing."]Charlie will save Nadia after singing.[/caption]

As for the final song of Oasis Off, it is none other than 'Wonderwall.' It is a song that Noel wanted to sing but Liam got to sing it. Noel feared Liam wouldn't be able to hit the high parts. Noel later said that Liam did a fine job with it. Indeed, Noel. Indeed. 'Wonderwall' is the classic college song. You don't know how to play guitar but would like to learn a cover to impress a lady? 'Wonderwall' is your song. Heck, I'm even going to learn the song. It's fantastic. Keep on spreading the Oasis love with this song, folks. And now, here is 'Wonderwall.'

And for good measure, 'Wonderwall' from 'Flashes Before Your Eyes.'

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Jacob's Foot

I have a treat for everyone today. I'm barely going to write anything. I've gotten too greedy with word counts again and crossed 1000 the last two posts. Instead, I'm simply going to post the third episode of Guy Sahaf's LOSTed entitled 'Tableau Rosseau.'

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Jacob's Foot: What's the story Morning Glory?

Do you want to see Chan Ho Park enjoy Korean breakfast and mock Brad Lidge? Do you want to see the palace that Scott Eyre lives in? Do you want to see the dudes of the bullpen order tacos from a San Diego food establishment as they welcome Chan Ho to the pen? If any of these things has crossed you mind then you've got to watch The Pen on CSN (it begins tonight). CSN obtained the rights from the MLB Network for reality program featuring our Philadelphia Phillies bullpen. I should've written more about it during its original run but I didn't so now is my chance to provide a preview.


--You won't see this until the season finale of The Pen but Scott Eyre lives like a king. It's amazing. No disrespect to the man but he pitches an inning a game and lives like a king. Sometimes he faces one batter and is done for the night. I'll repeat myself: it's amazing. Who needs to be a starting pitcher when you can be a situational southpaw? He's got a pool that looks like it came from the playboy mansion, his house is gigantic. Just wait til you see his backyard. He also brings JC a cake when JC's 50 game suspension ends.

--The haircut battle between JC Romero and Ryan Madson with J-Roll as the judge is fantastic. JC cuts Scott Eyre's hair and Madson cuts Durbin's hair. Once again, it shows that Eyre lives only a life of luxury. The highlight of the battle belongs to the great funnyman himself Chan Ho Park. I won't spoil it though.

--The bullpen coach Mick Billemeyer is one relaxed dude. He just lounges, answers the phone, and jokes with anybody whether it's his boys in the pen or fans in the stands. It's a close one determining who the funniest member of the bullpen is and it's between Chan Ho and Mick. You'll have to watch to decide the funniest bullpen member.

--You'll get to re-watch the good, the bad, and the ugly of the 2009 season thus far up until the all-star break. The show spends some time remembering Harry Kalas which is nice. And yes, there's a whole episode that consists of those miserable series with the Blue Jays and the Orioles.

--The show provides the occassional updates of the IronPigs. They show the audience how Majewski's been making out in AAA as well as update us on Taschner after his demotion, and then the show goes to Lehigh Valley some more as they follow Lidge during his rehab and Eyre. There's a visit to single A Clearwater to follow Condrey's rehab.

--You'll get to learn about how Clay Condrey made it to the big leagues. It's a great story.

--Last but not least, Chan Ho Park's antics are amazing. Watch it for the antics alone.



There's a good chance I'm going to get slightly blowhardy again with LOST in the coming weeks. Not today because I don't want this entry to become a novella. But they're coming. I apologize in advance but as Johnny Utah said to Bodhi as he protested to Utah on Bells Beach in Australia as the 50 year storm pounded the shoreline since Utah was finally going to nab Bodhi for everything he did: 'it's gotta be that way.' It's gotta be that way, readers.

No LOST episode of the day. Instead, I bring the second episode of LOSTed by Guy Sahaf entitled 'Everyone Hates Henry.' It's my favorite of LOSTed. The early Hatch days Ben/Locke stuff is parodied so well. Once again, this parody began and ended before season three began. I don't want to give anything away to anyone who will watch it but I encourage comments with your thoughts on this episode of LOSTed. Without further ado, here is Everyone Hates Henry.


Yes, ma'am! What an episode last night. All the bitterness I felt after last week's episode disappeared with one hell of an episode. In this episode, Sookie reminded me why she kicked ass in the first season, Hugo betrayed the vampires and ended up in a lose-lose situation, Preacher's wife shot Jason in the chest after she heard from the Rev that Sookie is Jason's sister and they immediately believed Jason was a spy despite the fact that he was invited to the Fellowship of the Sun by the Fellowship of the Sun and would have never known about them if not approached by one of the clergy while in prison after he thought he killed Amy, Tara seems to be putting together the pieces of the puzzle, Lafayette's getting some pizzaz back but he's still not the same but he did call Eggs satan in a sunday hat (he did have some satan in him too he just didnt know it), Bill sat in a chair for the entire episode, Eric scouted the Fellowship grounds with Isabel and continues to improve as a character (he is not a ripoff of Spike thankfully), Hoyt and Jessica got closer, Andy Bellefleur will emerge as the hero of this season, Daphne was stabbed by the bulljawn who controlled Eggs (who actually stabbed Daphne), and Sam continues to be the best character on the show. Some other thoughts:

--I like Sookie much more as a single woman. The character's terrific away from Bill. Anna Paquin seems better when she's not acting alongside her boyfriend too. The 'I take no BS' Sookie was back last night. Love that Sookie.

--Great scene when Andy called out the town for the zombie orgy. I'm telling you Andy's going to emerge as the hero at the end of this season.

--It's obvious now that Eggs killed Miss Jeanette while under control by Maryann. Maryann continues to be the wet blanket of this season and has now surpassed the Anne Heche character of the third season of Everwood and the actress (who appears in the season four finale of LOST) has surpassed Heche as a terrible actress in a television series.

--Sam continued his reign as the best character on True Blood. He offered to turn himself into Maryann if that would result in Maryann leaving his people alone. He looks like he's going to enlist Andy's help to fight the bulljawn and hopefully Tara's because Tara's been underutilized thus far.

--Good ol' mindreader Barry was nice enough to give Bill a message from Sookie and then he was pulled into the room by "Darla."

--Godric showed up at the end and saved Sookie from a possible rape by Gabe. Gabe also got his ass kicked by Jason for calling his sister a whore. Wasn't a fan of Gabe to be honest.

An exceptional episode. I'm really looking forward to next week. 'Entourage' was also good last night. All around positive evening for HBO.


There's actually two songs left in Oasis Off. I didn't want to forget about the most underrated Oasis song...

'Morning Glory'

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