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Jacob's Foot: Fire + Water


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The episode: Fire + Water
Original Airdate: January 25, 2006
Written By: Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz
Directed By: Jack Bender

Content: Charlie comes to the conclusion that Aaron must be baptized and be "saved", prompting him to recall his past of trying to save his brother. Meanwhile, the first signs of Hurley and Libby's relationship begin to show.

Why It's Worth Re-Watching: The source of Charlie's dreams has never been revealed. These dreams are what lead to Charlie's temporary fall in season two. On certain LOST message boards, this episode is being perceived differently in light of the finale. Be cautious though. LOST is a story. Not a Calculus III problem. It seems safe to assume that Charlie's dreams were a result of the none-too-pleasant situation with Claire. She ousted Charlie from contact with her or Aaron after she discovered the Virgin Mary statue. As the flashback reveals, Charlie is a big family man and he struggles to help Liam with his drug addiction. He wants Liam to be there for his wife and newborn baby girl much like, on the Island, he wants to be there for Claire and Aaron. The episode features a lot of religious symbolism (as was custom during this Man of Faith vs. Man of Science season). This episode also connects the dots as far as Liam's recovery is concerned. We see Liam as a rehabilitated man in 'The Moth' and in this episode we see how he began to make that change (selling Charlie's piano for a plane ticket to his new life).

This episode also features an intentionally-set-fire-to-distract-people scene, so that Charlie can save Aaron. I will note that season five featured a similar scene, in the episode 'He's Our You.' In that episode, a vacant Dharma van crashes into a house and sets fire to the house. This seems to be little Ben's deed so that he can free Sayid 'The Other' and have Sayid take him to The Others camp. Of course, this backfires on Ben and Sayid shoots him. Anywho, the fire in Fire + Water backfires on Charlie (don't do what Charlie did, kids), he gets the tar beat out of him by Locke.

Locke became Claire's unofficial protector for a brief period of time. But Claire liked Locke ever since he made her that crib for Aaron.

In the Official Podcast re-hash for the episode, Carlton and Damon wonder whether or not Locke feels for Claire in a more than friendly way or whether he just wants to protect her. They never gave an answer to the question but the series did. Charlie and Claire make up later in the season to put your minds at ease (he even gets a kiss!) and Locke is busy being a key player in the set-up for the final four seasons (more on that some other time).

As for the B story in this episode, Sawyer helps Hurley with Libby. Libby is more mysterious on every re-watch. In this instance, she makes up an anecdote about Hurley stepping on her foot on the airplane. Hurley remembers her from the mental hospital but he doesn't remember that he remembers and she steers him away with that false anecdote.

Claire does listen to Charlie about baptism. She consults Mr. Eko about it. Mr. Eko tells her the story of John the Baptist baptizing Christ. His explanation is much different than the one Locke gives to Claire earlier. Claire is motivated to also get baptized so that she and Aaron will never be apart.

Overall, it's a good episode. It's not the best episode of LOST but it's not the worst. I had issues with it when it originally aired but then again I had issues with some of season two and how characters were being written and the reruns and other stuff. Anywho, Dom Monoghan and Emilie de Ravin were both great in this. Emilie breaks our hearts with her 'you're hurting me, Charlie.' Oh Emilie.


The entire episode can be seen right here

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