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Jacob's Foot: Special

Since it’s been a week and I haven’t posted any new episodes of the day or, any content at all for that matter, you’re going to get four straight episodes of the day this week beginning right now.


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The episode: Special

Original Airdate: January 19, 2005

Written By: David Fury

Directed By: Greg Yaitanes

Content (from ABC.com/Lostpedia): Michael becomes extremely angry/jealous at Walt's friendship with Locke, leading to tension between father and son. Michael also decides that he needs to get his son off the Island, and proposes constructing a raft. Flashbacks in this episode center around Michael and Walt's first meeting after 10 years without seeing each other.

Why It’s Worth Re-Watching: This is a Michael and Walt episode. We see how Walt’s mother, Susan, tore Walt from Michael. The letters Michael sent to Walt were never given to Walt. When Michael was in the hospital because he was hit by a car, Susan visits to tell him that she’ll be marrying Brian, and that Brian wants to adopt Walt. She is nice enough to tell Michael that she’ll be covering his medical costs. An important part of this episode is Michael’s unconditional love for his kid and it’s important episode for the arc of Michael and Walt during season one which was whether or not they could come together as father and son. This episode deals with the troubled relationship between the two thanks to Susan’s actions. It isn’t until her death and Brian not wanting Walt that Michael gets Walt.

The reason why Brian does not want Walt is because of Walt’s specialness. Brian begins to believe that Walt is different when a bird crashes into a window (more of this bird mojo Walt has can be seen in the webisode ‘Room 23’). There used to be theories about Walt being responsible for the Polar Bears. Oh, LOST theorizers. Anywho, the relationship between Michael and Walt is frosty at best in the beginning. My favorite part of the scene when Michael and Walt are reunited after 10 years is when Michael gives Vincent to Walt even though Brian owns Vincent.

Locke does and doesn’t help father/son relations on the Island. Earlier in the season, Michael told Walt to stay away from Locke but then Locke found Vincent. In this episode, Michael tells Locke to stay away from his kid when he finds Locke (with Boone) teaching Walt how to throw knives. Walt gets angry with Michael and eventually runs off and is cornered by a polar bear. Locke saves the day.

The main reason to re-watch this episode, main plot wise, is to simply remember that once upon a time Walt’s specialness was an important part of the show. Some fans have accused Damon and Carlton of forgetting about him. I’ll disagree. He saves Locke’s life after being shot by Ben (I don’t think the manifestation of Walt is Smokey) in season three. It’s a major event in the LOST story as it ultimately leads to Locke’s death. I don’t believe we’ve seen the last of Walt.

As for the B story, it involves Charlie and Claire’s diary. It’s a favorite of mine. Charlie ends up finding Claire’s diary. Before that, he tells Kate that he feels like bits of him are crumbling without her. You see, if Charlie was still alive, he’d be all over the ‘find Claire’ mission that no one thought to do in season five but I digress. My favorite part of the Charlie/Claire’s diary story is when he mulls over whether to read or not.

Also, Locke ends up finding Claire while searching for Vincent.

Overall, it’s a good episode. Buffy and ANGEL alum David Fury wrote the script. The episode in its entirety is here

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