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Jacob's Foot: Born To Run


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The episode
: Born To Run

Original Airdate: May 11, 2005

Written By: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz (Story by Javier Grillo-Marxuach)

Directed By: Tucker Gates

Content (from original press release/lostpedia): With news that the raft must leave at once to avoid changing winds, Kate decides that she needs to be one of the passengers, attempting to steal Sawyer's spot. Meanwhile, suspicion abounds after Michael's drinking water is tampered with. Flashbacks in this episode focus on Kate reuniting with Tom after learning about her mother having cancer.

Why It's Worth Re-Watching: This episode is a Kate episode but there are a few more interesting things that aren't related to Kate that occur in this episode. The John Locke vs. Jack Shepherd gains more speed in this. This episode occurs a few days after the death of Boone, and Locke lying to Jack about how the accident happened, which made Jack treat Boone wrongly. One of my favorite lines in this episode is when Jack says simply to Locke, "Discretion, John" in response to why he kept Kate's secret a secret. Hurley spills the secret and then drops the hilarious tidbit that Steve didn't know about the polar bear.

That exchange is preceded by a great exchange after Jack finds out about the Hatch. Jack's mad because Locke's been digging for 3 weeks and hasn't said a thing. Locke responds with, "All due respect, Jack, since when do I report to you?" Jack responds with the fact that John lied. Locke follows that up with Jack keeping the guns a secret and then says 'You used your best discretion and I used mine.' Jack, as described above, throws discretion back at Locke. It's fantastic. The second best dynamic on the show (Ben and Locke are 1).

Another great part of this episode is the Walt/Locke scene in which Walt warns Locke to not open that thing (The Hatch). The most interesting part of this is how Walt becomes aware of it: Locke touches his arm. Now, I can blowhard about this scene until the winter solstice to be honest. I won't though. I will write simply that Walt didn't even understand why he wanted Locke to not open the Hatch but he also, somehow in someway, knew what would eventually happen in that Hatch that would get him off of the Island. I write this only with the knowledge of what happens afterwards. Near the end of the episode, when Walt admits to Michael that he lit the raft on fire because he didn't want to leave, and then tells his dad that they have to leave adds a new wrinkle to possible foreshadow. To go back to the surface meaning, this scene with Locke exists to up the dramatic tension as the finale began the following week. Sayid is also very cautious to open the Hatch and admits that he brought Jack in hopes that he would assist him in talking Locke out of opening it up. The Hatch in season one was fascinating.

I'd be mad at myself if I didn't mention a delightful scene between Claire and Charlie. She's cutting his hair and he's writing music (track two is titled 'Monster Eats The Pilot'). It's a simple scene. Charlie tells Claire that she and Turnip Head can stay with him in Los Angeles when they are rescued (the hope of the Raft remember (many things going in this episode and I haven't even touched the A story)). Emilie's incredibly sweet in this scene.

As for Kate, her flashback revolves around her mother and also connects the dots with episode 12 of this season (Whatever The Case May Be). The significance of the plane is tied with her lifelong friend Tom (who Kate felt was the love of her life).

This episode is my favorite of Kate's season one episodes. I was moved by her story with Tom. I think the scene when they dig up the time-capsule is great. Tom stays with her until he dies. He stayed with her when they were kids and she was shoplifting from the store (when she met Jacob for the first time). There's a tape the two of them recorded that they listen to (before she kisses him) in which she talks about running away (a hint is given about why she wants to runaway which is delved into more in her season two episode). I'd be remiss if I didn't mention why she meets up with Tom. He is a doctor at the hospital her mother's at (she has cancer). The scene with Kate's mothers heightens the-need-to-know regarding Kate's crime and why she's a fugitive.

The On-Island mystery this episode revolves around Michael's poisoning. I won't spoil it for any one reading who would like to watch the episode but the poisoning leads to a significant event: the outing of Kate as a fugitive. Sawyer outs her after she tells him she'll get his spot if she wants it. The poisoning also reveals Jack's sort of mistrust with Kate, telling her that he doesn't know what she's capable of after she seems offended that he thinks she'd be capable of poisoning Michael.

I've also got to mention Dr. Arzt's terrible prediciton about monsoon season. That's revisted later on in the series. Oh, Arzt.

There's a whole lot going on in this episode. There's preliminary set-up for season two, there's set-up for the finale, there's set-up for future Kate flashbacks, mystery about the hatch grows, etc. It's a good episode. Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz wrote the teleplay for the episode (that duo has been dominating the episodes of the day. it likes every other episode i choose is written by them. quality writers they are). LOST alum Javier Grillo-Marxuach wrote the story for the episode (always liked Javier). Buffy Directing Alum Tucker Gates directed it.

Thoughts on the newest Mysteries of The Universe will be up tomorrow afternoon. Watch Born To Run right here:

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