Saturday, September 5, 2015

2015 Fall TV Preview: the Returning Shows on NBC

At last, I conclude the 2015 Fall TV Preview with, as always, NBC. Only one new show from last season returns this fall. Heroes returns after five years. I feel like Michael Bluth when he learns George Michael’s still seeing Ann Veal.

THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA returns Wednesday, September 23 at 8PM

The writers added an antagonist for Laura—someone who won’t tolerate her ways of doing detective work. Callie Thorne plays the antagonist. She played the former Mrs. McNulty, and I loved her in the role. Critics like making fun of The Mysteries of Laura more than writing about it. Fans will not find much information about season two. The two ladies will inevitably work together to take down criminals. Ah.

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT returns Wednesday, September 23 at 9PM

Season 17 may or may not freely lift from HBO’s documentary series, The Jinx. Mariska Hargitay will direct an episode.

HEROES: REBORN returns Thursday, September 24 at 8PM

Seven hells. More Heroes. The fourth season finale, which aired five years ago, ended with Claire revealing her superhero powers to the world. I doubt it matters for the reboot. The thirteen episode first season revolves around a catastrophe in Odessa. HRG’s back. Hiro’s back. The Haitian’s back. Mohinder, too, as well as gosh darn Matt Parkman. Zach Levi plays Luke, a man mourning the death of his son. Levi thinks the shortened season will help Heroes avoid what happened last time, and he hinted that the grounded darkness is also reborn. Season 1 was great for the first 13 episodes. Heroes: Reborn may surprise, or people will wonder why NBC bothered.

CHICAGO PD returns Wednesday, September 30 at 10PM

The season premiere brings Lindsay back to the force, though she quit in the season two finale. Kidnappers kidnapped Halstead. They’ll only negotiate with Lindsay. The arc’s more about Lindsay’s personal arc than the external threat.

THE BLACKLIST returns Thursday, October 1 at 9PM

Liz and Red are on the run after Liz murdered the Attorney General of the United States because he worked with The Cabal. Season three will explore the identities of Red and Liz more. Liz, in particular, will learn more about her roots.

UNDATEABLE returns Friday, October 9 at 8PM

NBC’s Bob Greenblatt experimented with live specials. Now, he’ll experiment with an all-live season. Every episode of Undateable this season will air live.

CHICAGO FIRE returns Tuesday, October 13 at 10PM

Steven R. McQueen plays a new candidate in season four. McQueen, his biceps, and his broad chest found a new home. Bad folk took Lt. Casey last season. Voight from the other Chicago show, the police one, stops by to investigate the death of one of their own. The firefighters will meet their new chief this season as well.

GRIMM returns Friday, October 30 at 9PM

Nick lost his mother last season. He lost his girlfriend. His girlfriend, turned bad, helped kill his mother. The season four finale ended with Nick cradling the seemingly dead body of Juliette. Is she dead? David Greenwalt confirmed she is. Season five, according to TVLine, will reboot the series. The FBI has a more prominent role in the series to which I react with a heavy sigh. Grimm needed a bit of a reboot. Guintoli told TVLine the key mystery will be explored. AH.

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