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2015 Fall TV Preview: the Returning Shows on The CW

The CW has its own day and post in The Foot. No doubt Mark Pedowitz bought the employees lunch in celebration of the occasion. The CW’s returning lineup is solid. Superhero shows, supernatural shows—both which double as night-time soaps—and a plain old night-time soap/telenovela. The network has become for DC what the movie industry is for Marvel. Jane the Virgin was a recognized Emmy snub. The network has a mix of reliable veteran shows, shows heading into season three and four, and young shows with great potential.


THE FLASH returns Tuesday, October 6 at 8PM

The Flash was the most watched show in The CW’s history. Last season, Barry battled Reverse Flash, hung around the Arrow’s crew, loved a girl who didn’t love him, and discovered the travails of time travel. For season two, Barry will fight a new villain. The series will crossover with Arrow during November sweeps. The show will jump forward a few months. The writers will explore the multiverse. Tony Todd will voice a DC villain, and someone named Jay Garrick will join the story.

IZOMBIE returns Tuesday, October 6 at 9PM

Someone wants to eliminate zombies in season two, which will force Blaine and Liv to work together after trying to kill each other last season. Liv did not take the zombie cure in the finale. iZombie joins another CW show that has a supernatural cure for supernaturalism. At Comic Con this year, Rob Thomas teased that Liv will eat a frat boy brain within the first three episodes. Oh yeah, that’s gonna be good.

ARROW returns Wednesday, October 7 at 8PM

Season three did not surpass the excellence of season two. Season three had two of the worst episodes of television I watched in a long time. Newly released production art points towards the Green Lantern stopping by Starling City. Stephen Amell told WWE’s Renee Young that season four will return—a little—to what fans originally loved about the series in season one. Oliver looks happier, now paired with Felicity. He’s done with the Arrow lifestyle. Every supporting character is can kick ass, so they can bring justice to those who failed the city. But Oliver has a new suit in season four, and he’ll add a second word in front of Arrow. Also, a new villain comes to Starling City.

SUPERNATURAL returns Wednesday, October 7 at 9PM (NEW NIGHT!)

Supernatural’s wild. Season 11 involves The Darkness, an evil God defeated. Sam and Dean released it last season. Jensen Ackles told Entertainment Weekly, “It’s not really a monster…it’s more a primal force we know nothing about.” Jared Padalecki told EW that God, thee God, could show up to help fight The Darkness. God, Lucifer, and Metatron could work together. Is season 11 too late to start watching a show? The CW president said the show will continue for as long as ratings hold and the two male leads want to do it.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES returns Thursday, October 8 at 8PM

TVD moved the narrative forward by unknown amount of time after Elena chose to stay in a magical coma, because if she woke up, Bonnie would die. Damon’s sad. Ian Somerhalder told the TVD Comic Con crowd that the Damon from season one will be back in season seven. The writers have a great challenge but also a great chance to reinvent the series. Julie Plec told Deadline that season seven will have an ensemble focus. Elena was the center of the show, but Nina’s gone. Caroline Dries, the show runner, told The Hollywood Reporter that the Salvatores will be the heart of the season, along with Stefan’s and Caroline’s relationship. The villains for the first 1/3 of the season, at least, are the Heretics, the vampire/siphoner hybrids. Plec mentioned an unexpected twist in episode seven. Also, the writers will play with time the way LOST did in the later seasons (flashbacks and flash-forwards; how about a little sideways, writers?). I will, for the sixth season in a row, write reviews for every episode of season seven.

THE ORIGINALS returns Thursday, October 8 at 9PM (NEW NIGHT!)

Elijah and Klaus are “estranged” as season three begins. Klaus, it seems, will treat the mother of his child awfully, because that’s our Klaus. The first vampire sired by the Mikaelsons a thousand years ago will visit New Orleans. Marcel and Davina might react unkindly to that. Jason Dohring will have a recurring role as a Detective Kinny, the outsider who may know more than he lets on.

REIGN returns Friday, October 9 at 9PM (NEW NIGHT!)

The move to Friday night doesn’t matter as much as in the past, but Reign may end after season three. Queen Elizabeth dethrone Mary. The newly released trailer ends with the line: “The Queen of Scotland will fall.” Thomas Everett Scott joined the cast for season three as William, a trusted advisor to Queen Elizabeth. Show runner Laurie McCarthy promised more love triangles!

JANE THE VIRGIN returns Monday, October 12 at 8PM

Kesha and Britney Spears will guest star in season two. TV Guide reported that fans will see two big weddings.

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