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The Foot: No Ordinary Family & MLB Playoff Picks

The second episode of No Ordinary Family followed the traditional rules of a new series. The writers repeated many things from the pilot, in case any new viewers tuned in. Such is the nature of networks. I enjoyed the second episode of the series, titled "No Ordinary Marriage." I like the show. The cast is good and the characters are fun.

The second episode dealt primarily with the origin of their powers or abilities. Stephanie, the research scientist, wanted to determine exactly what was in the water they crashed into. She told her husband, Jim, that she'd determine the cause and create a cure. Until she determined the source of their powers, she and Jim agreed to stop using them. The agreement was short-lived. The convenience factor of the powers is underrated. If Stephanie needs to pick up the water sample, which she needed to, she simply can run there. Jim can continue to fight crime like hes wanted to do all of his life with his powers. Ideally, they'd like to be cautious but the convenience and the personal fulfillment are hard to resist.

The powers do not grant the Powells an easy existence either. Stephanie crashes while running while Jim repeatedly gets run over by a car. In school, Daphne must deal with the thoughts of "hormonal, insecure teenagers" and JJ's powers earn him great grades but suspicion from the teacher. JJ continues to keep his power secret from his parent as well. But the problems are relatively minor. Stephanie helps her daughter control her ability to read minds. Jim and Stephanie agree to use their powers when absolutely necessary, whether it be stopping a robbery or restoring dignity after a couple continues to criticize Jim for not being the bread-winner.

Of course, there is a larger problem for anyone with powers. The pilot ended with Dr. King instructing a mysterious man to take care of anyone who knows about what the thief could do. The mysterious man, who seems too similar to Sylar (one of the worst characters of all-time), re-emerges in Detective Cho's apartment to kill her because she knew about the thief. Actually, this character combines Sylar with Doyle, the man who could control humans like he could control puppets. He uses the power to shoot Detective Cho in the head. As for the motivations of Dr. King, they remain shrouded in mystery. I like the potential of these two villains though.

Anywho, Stephanie retrieves the water sample but nothing exists in the water to explain the superpowers. The water is just water. The question becomes: who, or what, gave the Powells their powers? The powers could've been given through divinity, which would give the show a theological angle. Daphne tells her family that she's texting God as the plane goes down; however, I doubt that will actually explain the source of the powers. I wouldn't be surprised if we found out that a cover-up occurred, resulting in the water being replaced by normal water. Recall the water in the river had a ton of green liquid. Perhaps the cover-up extends to an accident that occurred, resulting in people gaining abilities. If there's a scientist in the show, the answer probably lies in science; however, Harmon Feldman and Berlanti could take a page from LOST and tell a story about the conflict between science and faith should faith play a role in the series. I doubt the show would tackle science vs faith because No Ordinary Family is very much a family show.

So far, the two episodes have been straightforward about their themes and characters have actually articulated the themes more than once in case the audience couldn't decipher the theme. Autumn Reeser and Romany Malco continue to be outstanding as "sidekicks" to Steph and Jim.

Jon Harmon Feldman and Allison Adler wrote the episode. David Semel directed.


It smells like PLAYOFF baseball today. The Foot isn't simply a place for NFL musings. I might even predict the entire NHL standings tomorrow and the NBA later this month. After all, I'm the same guy who spent four days previewing different soccer leagues.


-The Rays haven't played very good baseball lately. The Rangers pitching depth might be underrated (though the experts give the rotation its respect) and the offense is great, so the Rangers can take this five games. But the Rays are a better team so they should take it in five. I think this will be a tough, competitive series.


-Bronson Arroyo himself didn't want to face the Phillies in the first round, and he has to face the team in Game 2. The Reds rotation isn't very scary. Volquez and Cueto possess dynamite stuff and Arroyo quietly won 17 games. Arroyo pitched deep into ball games too. The Phillies have to avoid beating themselves in at-bats. The Phillies are the clear better team. The Reds offense is dangerous with the soon-to-be MVP Joey Votto in the lineup. I think H2O will be dominant in all three games, and the lineup can jump on these three Reds pitchers early.


-The Twins rotation is in better shape the Yanks. The offenses are fairly equal. The Twins went 38-22 in the second half of the season without Morneau. Pavano's always capable of falling apart but I like the Twins rotation. The Yanks didn't play very well in the stretch either; however, the Twins aren't entering tonight smoking hot. The Twins have the advantage in the bullpen. I think this is the year the Twins finally beat the Yankees. They're due.


-Both teams tried as hard as they could to miss the post-season down the stretch. The pitching is going to be fantastic in this series. Lincecum vs. Lowe in game 1; Cain vs. Hanson in Game 2; Sanchez vs. Hudson in Game 3. I assume Linecum and Lowe will pitch in Game 4 as well. The first team to three runs should win every game. I can't ignore the dominance of the Giants pitching in the month of September. The trio will carry this team.


Dexter--"Pilot"--Written By James Manos, Jr


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Colin said...

ah cool beans man, Dexter gets some love. the pilot episode is awesome. the ice truck killer was just sensational. as bad ass as trinity was in season four, i still love the ice truck killer. also, i keep forgetting about no ordinary family but i do want to check it out. glad to hear Julie Benz is on another solid show

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