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Jacob's Foot: The Seven Week Preview for The Sixth and Final SeasonBegins!

It's Finals week. So what better time to launch my epic seven week season six preview? Finals Week!

I've been thinking a lot about Jacob's Foot since I launched it. I'm always debating with myself how to improve the blog, how to approach weekly coverage of the show when the show is on hiatus for 8 months. I've figured it out: a seven-week season six preview.

What exactly will this seven week preview contain? A little bit of everything. The episode of the day feature is not going away but it won't be written on a weekly basis. I'll explain why later. For the preview, I'm going to break down each and every season of the show with full mind being paid to the upcoming season. I'm going to stare at the final poster released as part of and then write about it. I'm going to write a lot about certain characters, review every single thing contained in the season five dvd. It's going to be an interesting and exciting process. Without further do, here is an NBA/NHL style recap of the first season of LOST


I know I\'ve done a variation of this when I compared seasons of LOST with The Mars Volta albums during the summer This will be much less wordy I promise you but I have to do some set-up first

In the official LOST podcast for "Follow The Leader," Damon and Carlton spend a few minutes explaining the similarities between the end of season five and the end of season one. Here's the transcript of that conversation:
Damon Lindelof Yeah, what do you think the reaction to the finale is gonna be? Let’s just get that out of the way.

Carlton Cuse Umm, I think that, you know, people are gonna like it because there are some good mythological advancements in it, but I think there’s also gonna be a fair share of annoyance that they’re gonna have to wait 8 months to find out what happens after the finale. It has a very, sort of, Season 1 feel to me, like when we blew up in the hatch and people were like, “You’re kidding me! That’s where you’re leaving us?”

Damon Lindelof Yeah, that is always a part of the finale, and I think that umm, several have begun to assume that the show is almost, that there is sort of a reflective quality to it, so that if we’ve been saying that Season 6 is going to be a lot like Season 1, it would seem only fair that this finale going into the finale season of the show is sort of, sort of reminisced about Season 1. We do know that the Jack-gang at the very least is about to go to the Swan site, which is exactly where Season 1 ended, correct?

Carlton Cuse It’s kind of like, you know, in movies, when instead of having the credits at the beginning, they put them at the end of the movie but they’re in reverse order. Right, you know?

Damon Lindelof Oh, interesting.

Carlton Cuse So, feels like we’re kind of, almost spinning back into Season 1. Does that mean that we’ll start Season 6 with the most exciting part of the season?

Damon Lindelof All I have to say is that over the summer, if anybody asks me, “What’s in the hatch?” I’ll know that something has gone horribly haywire!"

I spent the last portion of my 4,000 word "The Incident" recap discussing the mirror of season six to season one. Now I have no idea how this mirror will work. I'll just have to wait and see. But know the set-up is there throughout the season five finale and the intention for the mirror is there. The official posters for season six features every major character. The final poster for damoncarltonandapolarbear is very season one. Now, let the seven week season six preview commence with a look-back at the first season of this fantasic show:

Episodes You Need To Watch before Feb.2

*Walkabout--The first John Locke episode that revealed he couldn't walk for four years until he landed on The Island was healed. This is absolutely the finest Locke episode of the series and a top 3 episode of season 1. I have no idea what to make of the "John Locke" we saw in the season five finale but I totally think this episode will be re-visited somehow, someway. I'm not sure if healing itself will be answered on the show but it's been an essential thing throughout the show. This episode truly begins Locke's special communion with The Island.

*White Rabbit--Jack's first episode! Jack follows his father through the jungle. He's led to his father's casket which he finds empty and then is brought to the caves and the fresh water. Those two sentences say everything. Christian's been pretty important during the show. That empty casket will probably make some sense by series end.

*Raised By Another--The dream Claire has in the beginning of the episode seems so significant that I'm posting the first 8 minutes of the episode. This is Claire's best, has the most mystery regarding the significance of her relationship with her son Aaron. We haven't seen her since Something Nice Back Home (unless you count The Little Prince). This is the perfect Claire refresher.

*Exodus ALL PARTS--There's the Black Rock, The Others, and the fantastic montage of everyone getting into their seats on Oceanic 815.

Episodes You Don't Need to Watch but should still watch:

*Solitary--I said enough when I wrote about it a few weeks ago.

*The Moth--A great Charlie episode, wonderful scenes between he and Locke.

*Confidence Man: See the Episode of the Day I did for it:

*Born To Run

*Hearts and Minds--Boone and Shannon's episode. Remember them? In this episode, Locke gives Boone something that makes Boone hallucinate Shannon's death. There's a lot of great Locke moments PLUS the first notion of electromagentism existing on The Island.

*...In Translation: an episode I will probably write about in the Episode of the Day feature because it's a favorite of mine. Jin finds himself in an unpleasant situation when people find his hands burned. They think he burned the raft. The scene when he yells at Michael in Korean, he is merely telling him that he tried to put the raft out. It's an absolute spectacular episode. You should watch "House of the Rising Sun" as well since, perhaps, Jin and Sun will be reunited in the sixth and final season of the show.

*The Greater Good--Remind yourself how Sayid ended up on Oceanic 815. This episode provides some context for the B-plot in "Walkabout."

*Outlaws: See the Episode of the Day for this episode: (

Most Valuable Character

I told you this would be in the style of a major sports league recap. There's a few characters in the running for this: John Locke, Jack Shephard, Sayid Jarrah, Kate, and Michael. How does one decide? That's a good question. I'm not sure. I haven't made up any rules for this and since me and STEVE didn't begin recording our rankings until season three...I can't look at rankings and say "oh there's the MVC." I have enlisted STEVE for the MVC. Here's the different characters credentials (i'm relying on my memory as well as the greatest LOST resource in the world for this: and I am basing MVC on their on-Island stuff only. no flashbacks.):


Discovered the Hatch, Hunted Boar for awhile, helped Boone's obsession with his step-sister to cease, built a crib for Claire's baby-to-be (big points right there as I am a Claire geek), ate an orange whole in the pilot, the first survivor to see Smokey the Smoke monster and put an optimistic spin on the Monster, helps Charle kick his drug habit, discovered Claire who had just gotten back from her time in The Staff with Ethan and his Other friends, was able to get Walt to confess to burning the raft, lights the fuse that blows up the Hatch.

Here's some things that could prevent him from winning MVC: Hits Sayid in the head when Sayid attempts to triangulate the distress call, had the poor taste to show up to Boone's funeral in a shirt covered with Boone's blood, and lied about Boone's fall which caused Jack to mistreat him.


Assumes the role of leader of the losties, Wakes up surrounded by bamboo and immediately leaps to help everyone after the crash, finds fresh water at the caves, gives the great 'live together, die alone' speech, breaks up many fights between the survivors in the first days, always treats Claire and whoever else needs to be treated, tries to save Marshall, sits by Rose and talks to her about Bernard when Boone expresses concern, tries to save Boone after Boone's accident, nearly kills himself giving Boone a blood transfusion, and saves Charlie's life.


Devotes Much Time seeking ways to communicate with the outside world,Tries to Triangulate Rousseau's distress call, Stands by his Beliefs like not wanting people to move to the caves with jack, Disagreed with Jack's plan to burn the bodies in Walkabout (again watch The Greater Good), Helps and Connects with Rousseau, Fixes her Music Box, Is Honest with her, Finds the Looking Glass cable, Is the first character to hear the whispers and acknowledge they are not alone on The Island, Begins to Court and DOES court Shannon, goes with Charlie on a mission to retrieve Aaron from Rousseau, and helps RESCUE Aaron alongside Charlie.


Goes on the quest to retrieve the Transceiver with Jack and Charlie, humors Charlie when Charlie sings "You All Everybody," helps Sayid triangulate the distress signal, helps an injured Michael back to camp, Makes out with Sawyer in an attempt to get the truth out of Sawyer, Helps Sawyer break out his shell, Goes with Jack in pursuit of Claire and Charlie, Gathered fruit in the Jungle, Helped Sawyer track the boar who annoyed Sawyer, and HELPED CLAIRE GIVE BIRTH TO BABY AARON (Big Points).


Builds a Relationship with his son after the crash, Uses his construction skills to make The Caves a safe dwelling place, Saved Walt from an attacking Polar Bear, Helped Sun deal with her problems with Jin, Eventually Settles His Differences with Jin and becomes Friends with him, and builds a raft NOT ONCE but TWICE giving the losties the best possible chance for rescue.

Here are some Honorable Mentions:

* Hurley: He's the heart of the show.

* Charlie: Kicked a drug habit, became Claire's best friend, became best friends with Hurley. He's a good man.

* Jin: For everything post-...In Translation.

* Claire: Gives Birth on a FRIGGIN' Island!

* Sawyer: He caused so many problems that he couldn't jump Michael. The MVC is tough.

THE WINNER AND MOST VALUABLE CHARACTER OF THE FIRST SEASON OF LOST: Jack Shephard. As STEVE writes, "He's the leader." Indeed. Jack's experience as a doctor is so essential that it'd be a crime to rob him of the MVC.


2. Sayid

3. Locke

4. Michael

5. Kate


I was going to do an LVC category's too negative and every character is so damn good and important this first season and throughout the show so the LVC has been scrapped.

For fun, here's The All-Island Adventure Team (the characters YOU want going into the jungle for an adventure or search or something). It'll only be 5. Think the All-NBA team set-up.

All-Island Adventure Team: Kate, Sayid, Locke, Jack, and Sawyer.


You must be wondering to yourself, "I thought he said this is the first of a seven week season six preview." Indeed, it is. It's the first part of the preview. The whole objective of the episode of the day is to show where these characters were, their arcs, etc as we prepare for the final season of the show. It's all about reminding people of the story and these characters. And for these next seven weeks, that is what I'm going to do.

UP NEXT: Season TWO!

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