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Jacob's Foot: Greatest Hits


File3x21 CharlieIslandThe episode: Greatest Hits

Original Airdate: May 16, 2007

Written By: Eddie Kitsis & Adam Horowitz

Directed By: Stephen Williams

Content: When Desmond has another one of his flashes, Charlie is forced to come to terms with the notion that he may have to die to ensure everyone else's rescue. Meanwhile, Jack formulates a plan to combat the Others when they arrive the next day, but complications arise.

Why It's Worth Re-Watching: It is Charlie Pace's almost finest hour. His finest hour takes place in the season three finale but this episode is one of the best LOST has produced. It's the best Charlie episode period. Here's my least favorite-to-favorite Charlie episodes IN ORDER: Homecoming, Fire + Water, The Moth, Greatest Hits. Anywho, I love the approach the writers took for this episode. First of all, the episode's structure is mis-leading. One would think this is Charlie's final episode but it's not. After all, there's no way he could've drowned during that briefly tense moment before he surfaces when it looks like he might drown. There's no room with equipment in sight nor a blinking yellow light. The episode is the final set-up to the prophecy of Desmond's which came in "Flashes Before Your Eyes." Charlie is going to die. It just won't be until "Through The Looking Glass."

Now, before I discuss more of the episode, I have a brief tangent. I'm a huge Claire nerd. I love the character, adore the actress, etc. In this episode, Desmond tells Charlie he had a flash of Claire and Aaron getting onto a helicopter. At the time I thought, "great!" But NO! As we know, Claire gets nowhere near an helicopter. Kate gets onto the helicopter with Aaron as does Desmond. The thing I have been thinking about since Claire disappeared in "Something Nice Back Home" is: was Desmond telling the truth to Charlie or did he use Claire because he knew Charlie would sacrifice his life for her? Did Desmond see himself on the helicopter and eventually back with Penny? Remember, Desmond has no desire to leave the freighter once he's there because of Penny. Perhaps it's ridiculous to think this much into this plot point but I'm an english major! This is what I do! Anywho, I'm aware that Desmond sees only pieces but what if he didn't? I think about this plot point a lot because Charlie gives his life because he thinks Claire and her son will get off the Island! But she doesn't! I doubt this will be cleared up in The Final Season but this insane man can hope.

As for the episode, the episode captures the essential LOST. Charlie refers to his life as sorry, pathetic, and defines it as a excuse of a life. But Charlie's come a long way from where he's been. He's kicked his drug habit, found Claire and Turnip Head, and purpose in his life. One musn't forget he was willing to give his life for Jack in "The Moth" and he's more than willing to give his life for Claire and his friends. The story of Charlie is wonderful. "Greatest Hits" brilliantly captures where he's been and how far he's come as he remembers his greatest hits. Charlie says, "you know, memories. They're all I've got." Charlie doesn't embrace the choices he's made, the mistakes, the regrets like Eko does but Charlie, like Eko, is willing to sacrifice his life for others. And, remember, Eko and Charlie once worked on the church together.

My favorite scene in the episode is between Hurley and Charlie. It's their goodbye (sort of) though Hurley doesn't know. I write sort of because they will talk again in "The Beginning of the End" which helps Hurley gain the closure he needs. But this scene is so well-done. The best part is when Charlie, after telling Hurley he can't come, runs and embraces Hurley and tells Hurley that he loves him. Hurley and Charlie's friendship is the greatest in LOST.

Another strong scene is when Charlie says his goodbye to Claire and Aaron in his own way. It's very sweet and sad.

As for the rest of the episode, Jack, Sayid, Juliet, etc prepare themselves for The Others. There's an overwhelming sense of rescue throughout the episode which is definitely warranted because of "Through The Looking Glass." There's great character moments through the episode like the little exchange between Bernard and Rose about the knots, the scene between Jin and Sun when Sun tells Jin about their child, the scene between Alex and Karl when she tells Karl to warn the Losties, when Sawyer comes to Karl's aid, and an underrated moment: when a crazy Ben comes from just shooting Locke. Ben is just wild. Maybe "The Shape of Things to Come" will be the next episode I write about it.

Overall, this is one of the finest hours of LOST. Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz do another great job. Stephen Williams masterfully directs it. If Lindelof, Cuse, and Bender are the ace of the LOST rotation or the Tim Lincecum of LOST...Kitsis, Horowitz, and Williams are the Matt Cain of the staff. Not quite as good but DAMN good.

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