Friday, July 29, 2016

Everwood "Pro Choice" Review

“Pro Choice” has so much melodrama. I guess every episode of Everwood has melodrama, but it’s not as annoying as it is in this episode.

For instance, Ephram passive-aggressively bullied Reid until Reid decided dating Amy wasn’t worth it. Ephram had a great mini-run as a chill, affable guy too, but the writers couldn’t let it continue. Ephram’s then pulled into Andy’s subplot involving a father and daughter, who had a falling out over a family secret. Might those two guest characters mirror the Brown boys? The daughter had a twin, born without kidneys, who died three days after receiving her sister’s kidney. It ruined their family. She can’t forgive him for keeping that history a secret from her. See how melodramatic that is?

Andy brought Ephram in as proof that one may forgive even the worst parents. By this point in the episode, Ephram realized he was a dick to Reid because of his feelings for Amy. So, he’s in a regretful, reflective, and contrite state of mind; however, he never told Reid he changed his mind. Writers must plant drama mines to trigger in later episodes. Ephram forgave Andy for his own melodramatic secret keeping.

The other major melodrama involved the death of Hannah’s father because it forced Hannah to realize she chose to move away because she couldn’t deal with the sickness and suffering. Later, she realized she must move home to be with her mother. It causes shock waves in the Abbott household and sets up the emotional center of “So Long, Farewell”. The subplot also involved a clueless Bright whose unable to be there for her—until he is with a story about a hole puncher. He’s trying to learn how to be a boyfriend without the sex, and he feels weird he tried to feel her up moments before his girlfriend received the worst news of her life.

Jake’s back to being terribly busy by his work despite having time to sit with Andy for a counseling session. Perhaps the writers didn’t want a constant, unrelenting wave of stressed out and despairing Jake. He’s still cheerful enough to run across the street after Nina passive-aggressively hangs up on him. That won’t last.

“Pro Choice” and “So Long, Farewell” make up a two-parter that’s among the worst Everwood episodes in the series. So much for those good early season vibes.

Barbie Kligman wrote the episode. David Paymer directed it.

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