Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Writing About This Summer

The month of May's in full swing now. Upfronts are only a stone's throw away. The 2010-2011 TV season's nearly over as every series approaches their respective. The Foot will soon be a barren wasteland, where I long for the days of Rizzoli & Isles to write about on a weekly basis. How I Met Your Mother concludes its sixth season on Monday. The Vampire Diaries's second season concludes tomorrow night. The Chicago Code's over in less than two weeks. The other shows I write about are cancelled. Besides Game of Thrones, nothing's on in the summer to write about.

Every professional TV critic usually re-watches and writes about a beloved, cancelled series in the summer months to justify their paycheck. I have no cash incentive in the blog but I'm still going to embark on an exhaustive (that's hyperbolic) summer schedule of TV re-watching and writing. Why, you may ask? I love to write, and it's fun to write about episodic television. Plus, I see no reason why I cannot continue the pace I set in the fall when I began my post-LOST TV adventure. So what exactly will I write about in the summer months? I haven't completely figured it out. I'll write about a few television series that have left the airwaves. I'll devote some weeks in celebration of a show runner or writer, like last year's Seven Business Days of Whedon.

Here's a rough breakdown of what's ahead for the next four months until the 2011-2012 season begins:

SUNDAYS: I'll continue writing about Game of Thrones late Sunday nights. I usually write Thrones reviews in two hours, so they'll continue being posted two or so hours after the latest episode ends. After Game of Thrones ends, I'm going to finally write about Entourage. I loathe the show but I've watched its entire run, so I want to write about the final six episodes of the series before that damn movie happens.

MONDAYS: Dawson's Creek is my go-to reference when I write about nearly anything, so it's time to write about the series. On Mondays, I'll write about the first season of the show. I have TOO MUCH to say about Dawson's Creek. It'll be fun. Kevin Williamson hired an all-star group of writers for the first season, too. It's amazing.

TUESDAYS: Haven't figured Tuesdays out yet. I'm going to finally write about the final three episodes of No Ordinary Family beginning May 17. Beyond that, I'm not sure. Feel free to comment with ideas.

WEDNESDAYS: Again, I haven't figured it out. If The Real World/Road Rules challenge airs on Wednesdays then I'll write about that. Feel free to comment with ideas.

THURSDAYS: During my LOST days, I always described the first season as the greatest season in TV history. Until LOST's first season happened, Everwood wore the crown. I'm going to re-watch the first season and write about every episode so that I can explain why I considered the first season as the greatest season of television for nearly three years.

FRIDAYS: No idea. It's a work in progress.

Tomorrow night, I'll have my review of The Vampire Diaries. On Friday, I'm going to write about the season finale of Community.

In other news, FOX cancelled The Chicago Code. Poor Shawn Ryan, Tim Minear and Jon Worley had their two shows cancelled in one TV season. The final two episodes will air. Of course, I'll write about them.


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