Monday, September 27, 2010

The Foot: What's Worth Watching Tonight

Usually, I'd write about Beyond Survival with Les Stroud since the day is Monday; however, I am no longer going to write about Beyond Survival on a weekly basis. Instead, I am going to write about what's on television each and every night. Who knows how long this idea lasts before I pull the plug on it without warning and return to solely writing reviews for various episodic television shows.

I'll give this the name WHAT'S WORTH WATCHING TONIGHT. And since I am including sports, I'll begin at the 7PM hour.


Phillies at Nationals on CSN Philadelphia

If the Phillies win, they clinch the NL East for the 4th year in a row. If the Braves lose, they clinch for the 4th year in a row. Some prefer to win the division by winning while others do not care. Roy Halladay goes for his 21st win of the season vs. John Lannan. Lannan falls apart against the Phillies. I wonder, will this game break another Comcast record for ratings? But, really, if you live in Philly, what else will you watch besides this game?


Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears, on ESPN

Should the Phillies/Nats game get rained out tonight, this football game is probably going to be awesome. Just think of the plethora of positive Mike Martz columns that will be written if the Bears improve to 3-0. Remember, Jay Cutler was awful last season. He threw one more TD than INT. There's a good chance that Clay Matthews will destroy Jay Cutler though. This is the damage that Matthews has done in two games: injured Kevin Kolb which led to Kolb losing his job to Michael Vick. Last week, Matthews destroyed Trent Edwards. Edwards is now unemployed.

How I Met Your Mother--"Cleaning House"--on CBS

I'm sure the relative optimism I had for sixth season of the show will be damaged tonight. It's a Barney episode and Mrs. Stinson returns. Last year's Stinsons episode was a goofy, sitcommy episode that did generate laughs; however, I have a bad feeling about this one. Who knows though. Expect a review of the episode later tonight.

House--"Selfish"--on FOX

House and Cuddy reveal their coupling to the world. The mystery of the week revolves around a girl who collapses in a skateboarding competition while with her terminally ill brother. Yes.

WALL-E, on Disney XD

The delightful Pixar movie about a robot who falls in love. This is one of the greatest movies of all-time.


The Event--"To Keep Us Safe"--on NBC

Promos have indicated that The Event will actually be revealed. I don't really care what The Event is. I hated the Pilot. I'm not sure I'll watch or write about the show. I'll watch the second episode to see if an actual story is told in the episode, if actual characterization takes places, etc. But The Event is close to getting cut from the lineup like Hellcats was.

Lone Star--on FOX

The con man show made it another week despite atrocious ratings. The showrunner/creator pleaded with the internet to watch his show. Despite the plea, I'm still not going to watch the show.


Hawaii Five-O--Episode 2--on CBS

I actually watched the pilot last week after the show generated good reviews from critics. I'll probably watch it every now and then. If you haven't seen an episode, check it out. It's a fun hour of television.


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