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The Foot: 2010 Week 3 NFL Picks

I went to the Phillies game last night. I think standing room is the greatest thing in the world. While people sat in seats mere feet from me for much more money, I enjoyed the same vantage point for less money. It was the first game I've attended in September since 2004 when the EXPO's came to town on a Friday night. Eric Milton nearly hit a grand slam that night but settled for a ground rule double. Me and my buddy had to leave in the 7th due to SEPTA scheduling but the Phils had a comfortable lead. Little did we know the team would go down 12-7 in the time it took to get the subway from Broad and Pattison to City Hall. No, the crowd did not resemble last night's crowd. But last night was amazing. The last few years of Phillies baseball has been beyond amazing. If Prado didn't double in the 4th, I would've seen a no hitter in person. How dare the Daily News give the backpage of the Daily News to the Eagles yet again. A couple of years ago in 2006, the night of the Bobby Abreu & Cory Lidle trade, me and my friends had an entire section to ourselves. The crowd was fantastic last night. This team is going to do some amazing things in the next month.

Anywho, it's time to write about the goody National Football League. Week 2 is in the books. I had a decent 10-6 week. Week 2 unfolded differently than Week 1 but I didn't get destroyed for picking 15 favorites to win. But enough about last week. It is time for me to tell you all how exactly Week 3 will unfold. LET IT BEGIN!


San Francisco over Kansas City

-The Chiefs only beat the Browns by 2 points. The Chiefs or the Bucs have to be among the worst 2-0 teams in NFL history. You know who leads the Chiefs in receiving? Young Tony Moeaki with just 8 receptions and 79 yards. WOW. The 49ers saved their image by nearly beating the defending Super Bowl champions. I think it's safe to say that Singeltary will drop his pants in anger again should his team lose to the Chiefs and fall to 0-3.

Minnesota over Detroit

-Brett Favre probably wishes he didn't come back. Stories have circulated about Favre being pressured into coming back. But he's 40 years old! A 40 year old shouldn't be pressured into doing something he doesn't want. Plus, he's Brett Favre. Even though he played as bad as a QB can, the media still won't criticize him. I think Favre takes his frustrations out on a very bad Detroit secondary. The Vikings defense is not nearly as lazy as the Eagles defense so the game won't be too close. The Lions are still terrible, folks. They might be tougher to play but they remain terrible at the end of the day. Yes, the Lions are like TV's Entourage.

New England over Buffalo

-Chan Gailey has created a clusterbleep of a running back situation in Buffalo. Gailey said he'll go with whoever fits the game plan best. The big story though: Gailey is responsible for the return of HARVARD FITZPATRICK. Fitzpatrick has usurped Trent Edwards. Sadly, I was unable to bring Harvard back to my fantasy team in the 14 team league.

New Orleans over Atlanta

-I'm excited for this game. I think the Falcons will turn alot of heads if they shock the Saints. The Saints look very beatable. They sort of slogged their way through the Vikes game and then won on the last drive in San Francisco. Reggie Bush's string of bad luck continued with the knee injury that'll keep him out for 4-6 weeks. Or one could call it karma. Take your pick.

Tennessee over New York Giants

-The Giants fans should not feel particularly confident about their team. They made the Panthers look more of a threat than they actually are and the Colts completely dismantled the Giants. Vince Young had the unfortunate matchup against the Steelers defense. I wouldn't worry too much if I'm a Titans fan; however, Chris Johnson was accused of taking the second half off though he denies it. Someone said Johnson was tired of getting hit. I don't believe it. Chris Johnson's one of the greatest running backs in NFL history already.

Pittsburgh over Tampa Bay

-If Raheem Morris, his coaches and players pull off a win, I will feel betrayed by logic. The Steelers proved the QB doesn't matter because the defense isn't going to let the team lose with Mr. Rapist on the sidelines. But who knows...the Bucs could do it. They play with a ton of heart. If it's low scoring, the Bucs could win with a late field goal. I'm sort of talking myself into picking the Bucs. MAYBE I WILL pick the Bucs. I don't know. I'm usually stubborn about changing a pick though.

Cincinnati over Carolina

-No way Jimmy Clausen will be as awful as Matt Moore. You know, I made some bad drafting choices in my 14 team league. I actually drafted Matt Moore. I didn't pick Kyle Orton because Ryan Grant was available. That didn't go well. Not all was bad in fantasy land though. The Love Isselfs won. My fantasy baseball team, the I Don't Like The Mets, won the championship. I deserved it. I had the best roster and best pitching. In my 10 years of playing fantasy, this team ranks among the top 5 teams I drafted/assembled. Moving on now.

Baltimore over Cleveland

-The Ravens defense hasn't allowed a touchdown this season. I feel the game is already lost for the Browns.

Houston over Dallas

-Les Bowen of the Daily News picked the Texans to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. I think the Texans finally arrived this season. This offense is Saints-esque right now. The offense was great last year but it's even better. The defense can shut teams down too. And it'd be so awesome if the Cowboys fell to 0-3. Jerry Jones would pull a Vince McMahon and fire everyone INCLUDING the fans.

St. Louis over Washington

-Why not, you know? Bradford's been solid. The defense is solid. The Redskins are inconsistent enough to lose this game. They are the team that the Lions beat for the first time in over a season last year. McNabb used to play in these kinds of games with the Eagles. Most notably, the Bengals tie. McNabb is not beyond being part of an embarrassing loss to the Rams.

Philadelphia over Jacksonville

-Andy Reid's word is as reliable as his offensive line. The whole week has been nonsense for the Eagles. The McNabb trade is now meaningless. The defense likes to take naps in the 4th quarter. But whatever. I'll still watch the team play and root for them and cheer for them. I love the Eagles. The franchise never did something like this before though. They always stuck to the plan and, suddenly, the plan has been shelved for immediacy. Maybe Banner and Lurie really are jealous of the Phillies.

Indianapolis over Denver

-I hope the Colts run defense is as bad as they were against Foster. Knowshon Moreno's on my fantasy team. One would think the Broncos could go toe-to-toe with the Colts the way they are throwing the football but they are the Denver Broncos. But it'll be an emotional game for the team because of the death of their teammate. I think the Colts are on a mission though. They aren't going to lose for nine weeks.

Oakland over Arizona

-Never thought I'd see the day when Gradkowski saved a team from disaster. But I did. It happened last week. I'd like to congratulate all who drafted McFadden because he finally has played up to his potential. Here is a question: when will Max Hall replace Derek Anderson as the Cardinals starter?

San Diego over Seattle

-The Seahawks were very bad last week as expected in the preseason. The Chargers played like they should in San Diego and free of downpours. Rivers didn't yell at his offensive line at all. Good for him. But this could be a tough game. It's a home game for Seattle. Pete Carroll is a maniac when feeding off of the home crowd energy.

Miami over New York Jets

-The Jets are the greatest heels in the NFL right now. I wonder if Rex Ryan planned this. I want Rex Ryan to cut promos before kickoff. The Dolphins aren't a very good 2-0 team. They can't score but the defense is solid. This is a risky pick. I just dislike the Jets.

Green Bay over Chicago

-Devin Arshomadu said he didn't try as hard in week 1 because it was the first game. Awesome. Glad he's on my fantasy team. He played mostly special teams week 2. I should drop him but I'm notoriously loyal to fantasy players I drafted. I drafted Adam Lind and didn't drop him until I needed to make room for Nelson Cruz post-DL. I think Clay Matthews is the best linebacker in the NFL. Six sacks through two weeks. Remember when Barnett and Hawk were supposed be the faces of the Packers defense?

Last Week: 10;6

Overall: 19-13


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