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The LOST blog 'Jacob's Cabin' Episode 11: Whatever Happened, Happened

Quite possibly the best Kate episode the show has ever produced. Actually, no, scratch that: it is the best Kate episode ever produced. Gone is Kate the fugitive and all of the breaking-into-the-bank-to-find-an-airplane fun that we got in episode 22 of season one. I'll be honest with you all, my excitement for the episode took a hit when I saw the Cassidy stuff in the previously. I don't know why. Perhaps it is still my unresolved feelings for aspects of season two. But I'm of the opinion that "Left Behind" from Season Three is Kate's second best episode, and it featured Cassidy. I digress though. This episode showed the new side of Kate in all of its glory. The big picture is not about Jack and it is not about Sawyer. It is about Aaron.

I didn't buy, and I don't buy, what Cassidy said to Kate about needing Aaron because Sawyer broke her heart. It was always about Aaron for Kate. "The Little Prince" reminded the viewers that Kate delivered Claire's child. Those two will always be connected because of that. And those two refers to both Kate and Claire AND Kate and Aaron. 'Destiny Calls' is the tagline of season five. Destiny once again showed its face in the scene at the super market. After losing Aaron, she found him with, basically, Claire's twin. Evangeline Lilly played the reaction to the woman perfectly: relieved to have found Aaron but aware of Claire always. Claire visited her in a dream, telling Kate to never bring Aaron back. So now, Kate is going to bring Aaron his mother to him because Claire and Aaron are supposed to be together. It's destiny. There's a beautiful scene at the end of season two's episode 'Maternity Leave.' It is a Claire episode. In the episode, Aaron has is sick so Claire treks into the jungle with Rousseau and Kate (of course it's Kate. Always connected.) When she returns, Aaron is better. There's a scene with Claire putting a sock she knitted for him while she was with the Others and drugged in The Arrow on Aaron's foot, and she says, with tears: "You know, I wanted them to take you. But now I know -- I know that we're supposed to be together, you and me. We're supposed to take care of each other, okay. -- You're mine and I love you. I love you so much."

Here are some other thoughts:

--Lindelof and Cuse wrote this one, and they did a great job (which is expected). They know their fans so well. I could hear Cuse and Lindelof in the scenes between Hurley and Miles. Cuse would be Miles and Lindelof would be Hurley. I've been listening to their podcast since 2006 so I know the minds of Lindelof and Cuse in regards to this show obviously. I knew they wouldn't kill Ben because WHATEVER HAPPENED, HAPPENED! HE COULD NOT DIE! Hopefully, the fans of the show will finally understand that very simple concept. Pierre Chang, in the premiere, says to a construction worker, when the worker jokingly asks if time-travel means a person can travel back in time and kill Hitley: "Don't be absured! There are rules! Rules that cannot be broken!" It's been there since the premiere. Whatever happened, happened.

--This episode did a solid job of advancing the plot. Jack understood that Ben would not die. Don't mistake that for Jack being a so and so, folks. He's supposed to be on the Island. He knows this, and he's content waiting until the Island tells him what to do.

--There's no way Kate, Sawyer, and little Ben disappear without any Dharma catching wind of it. There's still the key issue. It shall be interesting.

--I loved the scenes between Hurley and Miles. Miles said what I was thinking about the time travel business in 1977 that I had trouble putting into words. It is the past but it is the Losties present.

--We saw a new, gentler side to Roger. That moment explains the difference between how Roger was when Ben was 8 in 'The Man Behind The Curtain" and how Roger was with Ben before Ben killed him in The Purge. It is also worth noting that Kate is involved in key moments in the Linus history. As soon as Roger realizes how far away he is from the father he wanted to be when Ben was born, Ben will never be the same again after Richard saves his life.

--The scene between Kate and Mrs. Littleton was fantastic. Scenes like that are why I love the show as much as I do. It got a bit dusty in the 619. I won't lie. I've been waiting a long time to hear Claire's name again, and for her story to be brought back, and how they are doing it is great. Kate's goodbye to Aaron was very touching. The music was quintessential LOST. Definitely my favorite part of the episode.

--Did I see a bright light as Richard entered the Temple? I missed a name the one Other said. I heard Ellie but I missed the other name. I still think Ellie is Ms. Hawking.

--And last but not least: Locke and Ben are finally back! Locke was the last thing Ben wanted to wake up to.

And that's about it. Next week's episode looks awesome.


Exciting rankings. Kate makes a huge jump in me and STEVE's rankings. The rankings are tough though. I really like every character and sometimes characters have to be low because it is a harsh numbers game. It is very tough. Anywho, here are the rankings:


RANKED: 4/1/09


1. Locke

2. Desmond

3. Sayid

4. Sawyer

5. Kate

6. Jack

7. Jin

8. Ben

9. Juliet

10. Hurley

11. Daniel

12. Sun

13. Richard

14. Miles

15. Frank

16. Widmore


1. Sayid

2. Desmond

3. Sawyer

4. Kate

5. Locke

6. Jack

7. Jin

8. Richard

9. Ben

10. Miles

11. Frank

12. Juliet

13. Sun

14. Widmore

15. Hurley

16. Daniel

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