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Grimm "Clear and Wesen Danger" Review

The Claws group of wesens lack a name, but “Clear and Wesen Danger” defined the shadowy group a little. Two of the group members embezzled money to, I think, fund the operation. By the end when the wesen-of-the-week died, shot to death by Wu, his partner in crime, the longtime secretary of the teaser’s victim, uttered a threat in a foreign language (“free the hidden”), warned Nick that he doesn’t know what’s coming, and then jumped to her death. Obviously, certain wesen don’t wish to remain hidden any longer.

The majority of the episode follows Kincaid/whatever his other name is. Renard gave Hank a new partner. Nick took over the case covertly; the dude’s the only guy capable of working wesen cases. Renard warned Nick he’d terminate him if he continued to work while on personal leave. Adalind told Nick she worried what would happen if she lost him. She’d have nothing. Evidently Renard’s threat affects Adalind as well. Hank working with a new partner reversed the usual dynamic. Would the case work differently without Nick? I should’ve known Nick would work the case. Hank’s new partner means Grimm will repeat the past. X character doesn’t know; x character finds out; x character goes insane; x character joins the group; however, the widespread reach of The Claws group seems to suggest that Po, Hank’s new partner, works for them—or his ignorance will kill him.

Mystery surrounds the new season. Meisner, seemingly, covered up the Chavez crime scene and painted over the claw marks. Meisner lurked while Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Wu investigated the non-existent crime scene. The last scene of the episode involved Meisner leaving the cell with the strong opponent. He said, “Better,” while wiping blood off his lips. Juliet’s in the cell, right, and he’s rehabbing her the hard way to battle what’s coming, yes? The FBI asked Nick about his interactions with Chavez in light of her disappearance. Nick’s scattered between mourning for Juliette, dealing with the FBI, solving the wesen murder case, bonding with Adalind, and raising his son. Also, he’ll eventually confront Renard’s role in the claws group—his picture was the last deleted before jawn woman jumped to her death.

Adalind is working hard at redemption. The group forgave her. Her conversations with Rosalee serve to change the hearts and minds of the fanbase. Adalind’s hexenbiest suppression lasts a temporary amount of time, but she doesn’t want to be a hexenbiest anymore, telling Rosalee, “I was mean.” Claire Coffee has played Adalind as reserved and cautious. She doesn’t want to do anything to make Nick hate her. It’s an okay change from past Adalind, even though much of her character has been passive since season three. Her reluctance to return to her former self represents Adalind’s first attempt to take control and ownership of her choices and her life.

I liked “Clear and Wesen Danger” more than “The Grimm Identity.” It was an okay episode. The writers continue to struggle with balance when they hit multiple beats. It’s better than dropping the thread altogether. The FBI scene was a reminder that it’s not over. There’s potential for the long haul of the season.

Other Thoughts:

-Nick remembered the time he helped zip up Juliette’s dress. I didn’t see Bitsie Tulloch’s name in the credits, but it must’ve been if her likeness appeared. Credit watching’s tough business.

-Rosalee hinted she’d like a child one day with Monroe. Let her announce her pregnancy in the series finale. Baby stories suck on television. Grimm can’t do one well. No way they pull off three.

-Thomas Ian Griffith wrote the episode. Norberto Barba directed.

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