Saturday, October 17, 2015

Notes About Everwood Season 3, Part 2 (Episodes 8-10)

#308-“The Tipping Point”

“The Tipping Point” depicts various tipping points for various characters. Bright screwed up by trying to have sex in the employees closet, leading to domestic disputes at the Harold resident, and Bright not learning his lesson. It takes Hannah to break these terrible Bright stories.

I don’t care about the Andy/Amanda story in the slightest. I’m more invested in the bloody Ascension beating the Dudley Boyz on RAW than I was in anything involving Andy, Amanda, the miracle treatments for Amanda’s husband, and especially not the effort to weave Amanda into the tapestry of Everwood prior to her introduction.

#309-“The Reflex”

“The Reflex” is maybe my second favorite episode of the series, following “Good To Go.” The Ephram/Amy story is so sweet. My bearded self’s heart swelled during all the cabin scenes. I’m a bearded softie. When Amy cries and Ephram consoles her until the next morning when she decides she’s sure she wants to take the next step with him…it’s the sweetest. The episode could’ve done without the consent of Harold and Andy, as well as the entire Andy/Amanda subplot, which, as of episode nine, is a tire fire. The writers committed to Anne Heche, though, and the romance, the terrible husband storyline, and it didn’t work. Only 5 or 6 more episodes of it.

Ephram and Amy hit the golden peak of their relationship. Ephram has a Madison reminder in the next episode. The writing of the Amy/Ephram storyline’s wonderful, sharp, on point, while the writing for Andy/Amanda’s ill-conceived, forced, and beyond saving. “What’s happening here?” Andy asked, frightened yet intrigued. Yes, what was happening, writers? What in the seven hells happened? I loved the Brenda Baxworth cameo.

#310-“Need To Know”

“Need To Know” was the last episode of 2004, and the last episode before the winter hiatus. Now, the network would market it as a ‘mid-season finale.’ The episode has hiatus-bound intrigue. Ephram failed to see Madison, confessed it to Amy, and she didn’t want to talk to him after their last scene together. Don’t worry; they have a few more episodes left until Andy ruins it. Hannah’s serious arc began, which I remember as another low-light. The writers tried to recapture the Colin Hart medical drama from season one, but every medical drama following was a pale imitation of the wonderful Colin Hart story. Jake and Nina bond more because of Sam cutting his chin while ice skating. Andy and Amanda kissed at the end. Season two entered the hiatus with Andy and Linda kissing as snow falls. I loved the Christmas decoration and festivities in the episode. The Abbots trimming the tree together, the music in the doctors’ office, and the wonderful teaser with Delia, Ephram, and the failed Elijah story.

Of course, I’m so unenthused about what’s to come in the final twelve episodes in season three that I, too, will put the Notes About Everwood on hiatus.

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