Monday, April 27, 2015

A thought about Game of Thrones' "High Sparrow"

“High Septon” has a storyline that drastically differs from the last two A Song of Ice and Fire books. I’m interested in learning what Benioff and Weiss are made of. I have conflicting opinions about Game of Thrones. One week I think it’s amazing television, and the next I think it’s overrated, because it manages to tell no story in an episode, and it gets eyeballs because of what happens. The ‘What happened’ culture is the only reason anyone paid attention to Grey’s Anatomy this week. People remember what happened but not the details that led to what happened. I missed the end of Littlefinger’s monologue to Sansa about ‘not being a bystander’ because of my consideration of the different between Benioff and Weiss as storytellers and Benioff and Weiss as adapters. Adapting books into long-form television, especially Martin’s fantasy episode, is challenging, and adding new material to an unfinished story is doubly challenging.

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