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Go On "Go for the Gold Watch" Review

The gold watch in the title refers to the watch the host of Los Angeles' gets whenever his or her radio show becomes the number one show in the area. The symbolism of the gold watch is obvious. The clock is ticking on the new number one show falling in the ratings, so the host must cherish the time the show is number one in Los Angeles. Ryan's waited for the day his show became number one. Such an accomplishment would usher in a new happy era for the recently widowed man. He is the toast of the town. Restaurants stop to celebrate his achievement. The gold watch never leaves his pocket. Rich Eisen's taken down a half a peg. Ryan should feel happier than he's ever been since he lost Janie, right? Ryan should feel good, right?

Ryan doesn't, though, and he think his unhappiness is a problem. Like many, many humans on planet Earth, Ryan thinks something external will change something internal. One may think a new amazing job will change everything. While the job may be amazing, the job hasn't totally transformed the life of the person who thought it would transform his or her life. Lauren gives Ryan advice that'll be given three hundred years from now because people still will forget that happiness comes from within and not from without. Ryan devotes his time to helping others since Lauren told him helping others is the path to happiness. Danny likes Sonia, and Ryan decides to help Danny and Sonia connect romantically, confident he'll feel happy doing so.

Ryan does not feel happy putting the two together. Ryan accomplishes one thing: inadvertently hurting Danny and Sonia, separately. Danny's an odd character who hasn't flirted with a girl since sixth grade, so of course he treats Sonia like a sixth grader would treat his or her crush. Sonia's weird, too, and likes the treatment. Ryan and Steven, though, think what constitutes normal flirtations between adults. Danny's ways are not in vogue for adults. Ryan winds up hurting the cause more than helping it, but it's not all his fault (though the episode pins it on him). Danny's lack of confidence stops him from truly 'going for it.' Sonia's self-sabotage leads to a woman cheering him up on Ryan's urging, and Sonia feels sad when she realizes she missed her shot. Ryan just feels lousy.

The lesson is that happiness cannot be manufactured, or forced, whether it's for you or your friends. There's always a bit about the uselessness of tradition. Ryan has the traditional gold watch for the entire episode. Instead of pass it on to the next number one radio host in Los Angeles, he breaks it. Sonia's worried she'll never find someone to be happy with and Ryan won't let her get down in her worries, insecurities, and unhappiness. The broken watch stops time so that Sonia always remembers the very second she decided to devote her life to improving herself and finding happiness. Ryan's genuine, thoughtful, and completely honest, which is the opposite of his behavior throughout the earlier Danny/Sonia coaching. Ryan's the lead in a sitcom. Don't expect him to remember what he did to help someone feel better.

The absolute highlight of the episode involves Mr. K. The strongest parts of the last few Go On episodes have involved Mr. K. Anne wants to figure out the mystery of Mr. K. Owen does, too; even Yolanda, as well. Brett Gelman's awesome as Mr. K. Tonight we learned Mr. K developed a popular love algorithm for a dating site, in addition to his NASA duties. Anne wants to know why he's even in the group. Anne, Owen and Yolanda, learn about Mr. K's brief role in Mr. Belvedere; however, that part of his life is but a piece of the Mr. K puzzle. I laugh multiple times during Mr. K stories. I never laugh during Matthew Perry's stories. Ryan's best stories involve his grief, but funny Ryan is never funny. Brett Gelman's stealing the show. Matthew Perry never delivers lines in the way Mr. K delivered his line about facebook posts and sexting.

The love algorithm creates a wider wedge between Lauren and Wyatt. Wyatt makes his first appearance since a holiday episode, if I recall correctly. Mr. K gives Lauren and Wyatt a 23 compatibility rating. Lauren and Steven have a 99. Their chemistry is ridiculously good, especially during their duet. John Cho has great chemistry with plastic fruit, though. I'd like to see Go On try out a Lauren/Steven pairing if NBC renews it for a second season. Their little thing is another instance of what good can happen when people just go with the flow instead of fretting over how to be with someone who's not working out, or just how to be, societal pressures be damned.

Other Thoughts:

-Terrell Owens returned as Ryan's assistant. Owens is a fun presence on Go On. I missed Carrie, but Owens brings energy and excitement to his part.

-Lauren doesn't eat red meat. Wyatt forbids it. She craves meatballs all the time. Ryan handed her his steak during his crisis moment in a restroom. Before she digs in, the steak falls into the toilet. Wouldn't a large steak clog up the toilet?

-Next week's episode of Go On will be its last on Tuesdays this season. The final two episodes will air on April 4 & 11 on Thursdays at 9:30PM. The April 11th episode is the season finale.


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