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Lost Girl "ConFaegion" Review

Lost Girl began its U.S. run with all the promise and potential of Spanish La Liga side Mallorca this past season, but then potential disappeared, and Mallorca sits near the relegation zone, and Lost Girl is nowhere near the show I thought it'd be. I wrote about season one last year, and I wrote about three episodes of season two. By the end of season two, I felt completely disinterested in the show. Nine straight months of a show that decreases in quality per week will do that to a guy. The Garuda plot showed the weaknesses of the show. Basically, the writers can't plot long-term arcs at all. The season finale was terrible. A couple of months passed, though, and Lost Girl premiered two weeks ago with a so-so episode about Bo playing a bad girl to help Lauren followed by an episode that dug into Kenzi's roots. Episode three was light fun, which is what Lost Girl does best.

--The Buffy/ANGEL comparisons will always be made with Lost Girl. I made the comparison several times during season one. The show reminded me more of ANGEL than Buffy. Anyway, "ConFaegion" is about the Morrigan's little fun with Bo. A parasitic worm crawls into the heads of Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin, and increases their sexual attraction towards one another. The worm also causes them to revert to their younger selves. Kris Holden-Reid usually shines when he's asked to play a version of Dyson, or Kenzi, with animation and energy. Season two had Lost Girl's homage to Buffy's "Tabula Rasa." "ConFaegion" is their quasi-homage to ANGEL's "Spin The Bottle," though it has a less devastating conclusion.

-Dyson, Bo, and Tasmin, needed to share a story together. Tasmin's this season's Viking girlfriend of Dyson's. Tasmin's looks more Nordic than Viking girlfriend from last season (whose name I regrettably do not recall): she has striking blonde hair, icy blue eyes but the kind of beautiful icy where the icy surface is clear and shows the beautiful color underneath the layer of freeze. She kissed Dyson last week, right? I didn't dream that. Bo and Dyson, as a couple, are quite uninteresting. Kenzi's investment in their courtship adds another unnecessary element to an unnecessary triangle. Dyson feels love again after the deal Kenzi made with tree lady. (I apologize, my memory of names is rather poor tonight). Bo needs to be with Lauren. She and Lauren deserve time to figure their connection out to see if it is lasting, in Bo's opinion. Dyson sits on the sidelines, sad. But they all like one another in this episode. Bo and Tammy kiss. Dyson dances to Doran Doran with his shirt off as the girls gawk at him, wide-eyed. Once the spell wears off, Tamsin is cranky and rude; Dyson is sad; Bo is Bo, except she's not attacking random males in the streets.

-Vex's storyline was reminiscent of Spike's storyline in the fourth season of Buffy, but Lost Girl mixes in late season six, sans attempted rape, too. Vex lost power in his arm, is impotent, and sad. Kenzi tries to cheer him up because Vex redeemed himself by season two's end. In fact, Vex basically tackles a season's worth of character development in one episode. He betrays Kenzi and Bo but is easily talked out of the betrayal and then betrays the homicidal fae pigs. Kenzi's concern for Vex's permanet change in behavior is really sweet. Kenzi, as usual, is the episode's highlight. Vex wants to axe her death but she implores him not to and urges him to remember how good it felt to be good. Vex listens to her. He won't stay around after even with overwhelming forgiveness from the girls. Vex needs to get away from the temptations of the Dark; so, indeed, he leaves.

-"ConFaegion" accomplishes the necessary understanding between Lauren and Kenzi,; i.e. Kenzi learns to accept Lauren as Bo's mate. Kenzi offers, as her reason for disliking Bo's relationship with Lauren, that Bo's her best friend. Dyson's name is kept out of the conversation. Dyson hovers over everything. Lauren's face expresses the sheer Dyson of it all when she hears Bo's half-idea about kissing Dyson before the night. Bo, of course, is behaving like a teenager. I can't emphasize enough the dull boredom of the Bo/Lauren/Dyson triangle. A continuing trend of Bo/Lauren, though, is their separation in each episode. They're together but they're barely together. Some crisis needs to be dealt with or a case needs to be solved. I wonder if their separation is a case of networks' wariness of a lesbian relationship. Lost Girl's done great work in depicting different sexualities. Syfy is definitely more Puritan than Canada. They'll cut Lauren/Bo scenes.

-Lost Girl isn't anywhere near one of my favorite shows anymore. I'm counting on at least one great episode this season. In season two, I really dug "Midnight Lamp." The writers are really creative in re-imagaging different fables and characters. Lost Girl works best when its about the characters investing fae crimes and hanging out together. There's no need for nonsense arcs about Garudas. I'll be back to write about Lost Girl's season three finale.


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