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2012 Fall TV Preview: the Returning Shows on FOX

FOX is in a comfortable spot in the network landscape. They have huge hits in both scripted and reality programming. FOX gets criticized for past mistakes but no other network develops the kind of shows they do. What network would give Fringe a chance besides FOX? Anyway, I don't have many overall thoughts about the network. Read on for the individual previews:

GLEE returns Thursday, September 13 at 9PM

The seniors graduated from McKinley but none of the characters left the show. Finn enlisted in the army, and Rachel went to New York via train. Heather Morris gets to be Britney Spears again this season. Brittany's second centric episode is another excuse to dress Heather Morris up all sexy and have her sing and gyrate. The episode will involve her missing Santana. The Glee kids finally won nationals, but I'd expect another nationals-driven arc. The new Glee Project winner gets a multi-episode arc. Oh yeah, Kate Hudson is doing a guest stint. Her career has taken a long nosedive since Almost Famous. I thought Bride Wars was rock-bottom but, no, Glee is.

BONES returns Monday, September 17 at 8PM

Bones is back on a normal production schedule now that Emily Deschanel gave birth. The series will produce 26 episodes in season eight. I'm positive that what I write will be irrelevant by November. Bones was framed last season for a crime she didn't commit. The team is working without her. They want to clear her name. Reed Diamond shows up as an authoritative personality who questions what the team is doing. Once the show gets out of this nonsense, it'll be back to cases-of-the-week, personal and relationship drama, etc. Hart Hanson hopes the series will continue airing through season ten.

NEW GIRL returns Tuesday, September 25 at 9PM

Zoey Deschanel is like a bowl of Cap'n Crunch. The problem with Cap'n Crunch is when the sugar sticks to the roof of one's mouth or gets comfortable in between the teeth and in the gums. Too much of it can be a bad thing, and so it goes with Ms. Deschanel, who wore out her welcome the second her Siri commercials aired. Her character, Jess, is zany and aloof and 'adorkable.' I don't think adorkable is a buzz word anymore. Liz Meriweather, the show's creator, is a lot like Jess. I hear her voice 100% in the show's dialogue. New Girl is a harmless series. My only gripe with it is the Zoey element, but I'm not immune to her charms. Season 2, according to Ms. Meriweather, will follow an unemployed Jess, which will lead to her taking zany jobs. The Entertainment Weekly report also reported Jess' parents will come for a visit.

FRINGE return Friday, September 28 at 9PM

The comic-con Fringe trailer is awesome, and I haven't watched the show since the pilot. I don't understand a goddamn thing I watched, but whenever Desmond David Hume shows up to save the world through time-travel, I'm on board. The Observers are in town. The Fringe team were locked in something for 20 years. Their offspring (I think?) want to help save the world. The final season looks like it'll deliver on the excellent teaser.

THE SIMPSONS returns Sunday, September 30 at 8PM

Bart's going to fall in love for 908th time in The Simpsons run, this time with Zoey Deschanel.

BOB'S BURGERS returns Sunday, September 30 at 8:30PM

Bob's Burgers is a popular little show. I read something about a crossover between this show and Archer because of Jon Benjamin. Who knows, though. In season 3, the kids will get a job on a pot farm. That should be fun.

FAMILY GUY returns Sunday, September 30 at 9PM

Seth McFarlane doesn't lack for ideas. In season 11, Brian will climb Mount Everest; Lois will experience a midlife crisis; Quagmire marries a hooker; and Carter found the cure for cancer. Family Guy will celebrate its 200th episode this season, probably with a Brian/Stewie musical adventure.

AMERICAN DAD  returns Sunday, September 30 at 9:30PM

My friend, Funk, said American Dad is the best Seth McFarlane show on television. Ron Weasley is among the many guest voices in season eight. Alison Brie and Charlie Day and Chloe Grace Moretz are other notable people you'll hear this season.

RAISING HOPE returns Tuesday, October 2 at 8PM

THE CLEVELAND SHOW returns Sunday, October 7 at 7:30PM

Wikipedia tells me Cleveland "becomes entangled with a rap Illuminati" in the fourth season premiere. Expect guest voices and guest musical acts, including Kanye and Nicki Minaj.

TOUCH returns Friday, October 26 at 8PM

Tim Kring said season two will be more serialized.


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