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Grimm "Island Of Dreams" Review

When Grimm took a break, a preview aired for the next episode, which promised to tell the true story of Renard and Adalind. Of course, one presumes "Island of Dreams" will be an episode about Renard and Adalind and their role in the Grimm universe; however, Renard and Adalind simply settle on being the 2012 version of Lindsey and Darla in season two of ANGEL. The previews would've been more truthful if the gist had been 'the truth will EVENTUALLY be revealed before the season ends and in between will be scintillating bits involving classic art and blood cookies.' But "Island of Dreams" took another significant step in bringing Nick's secret out to the public, and if not the public, then to his doting girlfriend Juliette.

Nick and Hank are in hot pursuit of a drug addicted duo who killed a shop owner last seen in the body part trafficking episode. The drug addicted duo are Vessen addicted to a substance known as J. The effects on humans are bad; but for Grimm folk, the herb has an addictive opiate. The two criminal vessen who kill the shop owner and steal some of the J are clearly driven into a state of psychosis by the drug. Their behavior makes them dangerous threats to the good guys. The shop owner's sister comes to town to settle matters. Her name is Rosalynn and she happens to be a recovering J addict. Rosalynn is a different kind of Vessen. Her first recognizance of Nick as The Grimm results in whimpering and cowering, but she recovers herself and becomes bold with him. She specifically asks him how he can perform his job as Grimm i.e. keep his professional responsibilities separate from his personal Grimm responsibilities.

Rosalynn is a refreshing character who seemed set-up as a possible recurring character. She is the character Grimm lacks. Juliette is relegated to domestic scenes or scenes in which she accepts cherry pie from the cowardly neighbor. Adalind hadn't appeared in months. The other women come-and-go depending on the case. Rosalynn possesses essential knowledge of Grimm life; she's like Aunt Marie if Marie was a Vessen who agreed to work with a Grimm on a case involving her brother. She's brave and bold and calls Nick out on shit that no one else can call him out on. The non-aggressive Vessen cower in fear of him; his human friends and co-workers don't know about this other life he leads; Renard is the shadow in the corner, barely visible, needing more light to reveal his full frame. Monroe is the quirky sidekick whose depth is shown only when an ex-girlfriend is in town. Monroe's necessary for Nick, though, because he keeps things light and sane, which is needed, especially when Nick's other life is full of nonsense and things he doesn't understand.

Rosalynn is also a tough girl. Monroe and Nick find the criminals in the Island of Dreams, a place where Vessen go to light up and hallucinate. Nick takes down the one criminal so quickly. Monroe spots the other and calls for Nick. The other criminal confronts Monroe outside. Rosalynn swoops in with a brick and bludgeons the criminal, saving Monroe's life. Rosalynn is mentally tough as well, a recovering addict who needed to move to Seattle to find peace and contentment. I hope she remains in the show because I'm interested in watching her post-addict life and how she deals with temptations. The city of Portland alone is a huge temptation, just being back and around the old sights. But she can do good, and Nick needs someone other than Monroe to help him.

Meanwhile, Renard orders Adalind to ensnare Hank. Renard wants Nick on his side. Adalind questions why she's targeting the friend who has only rejected her advances. Renard explains, "We get to Nick through his friends." Adalind then makes blood cookies. The blood cookies are tricky treats; only Hank can eat them. Wu eats the last blood cookie and nearly dies; the poor bastard consumes furniture as an after-effect. So much time passed since Hank saved her life (I don't recall when he did and I write about the show every week) that it seemed somewhat suspect for the pretty blonde to show up out of nowhere with blood cookies. Of course, Hank is unaware of the blood ingredient. The cookies produce erotic dreams. Anyone who's seen season two of ANGEL would note the similarities between his dreams of Adaline and Angel's dreams of Darla. One should expect the season to then end in an alternate dimension called Pylea. I jest.

Nick took Juliette to the shooting range at the end of the episode. Juliette hit the target with each shot. Nick wondered what just happened. Each episode, Juliette receives small clues into her boyfriend's other life. This week, the repairman kept giving them blankets, food and free repairs to make up for the spying and stalking of the last few weeks. Next week seems to be the episode in which Juliette learns the truth. Grimm previews are deceiving though. Overall, though, "Island of Dreams" was good. Rosalynn is a great character. The intrigue between Adalind and Hank is, well, intriguing, specifically in how it relates to Nick. I still like what the show is each week.

Jim Kouf & David Greenwalt wrote "Island of Dreams" and Rob Bailey directed it.


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