Saturday, November 5, 2011

Grimm "Bears Will Be Bears" Review

Will anyone notice if I write one paragraph about Grimm instead of a full review? I don't think so, but that's what I plan to do because I was half-asleep during "Bears Will Be Bears."

Do not misinterpret my half-asleep comment as an insult to the series. I was short on sleep as well as energy after truncated sleep and a fairly active morning of street hockey. I watched the episode on demand, then had trouble keeping my eyes open; however, I rule myself qualified to write about the episode. I liked quite a bit about "Bears Will Be Bears." Certainly, the early Mutant Enemy tone of the episode pleased me. The show's adaptation of the famous Goldilocks and the Three Bears was one done. The tone of the series has been consistent through two episodes. Fairy tales were conceived to keep children from walking into the woods, or anywhere, alone and at night. The three bears story doesn't resemble a children's story at all. The family of blutbad bears weren't happy when two humans broke into the house and entered, eating their food and fornicating on their beds. The family, led by Mama Bear, needed to ritualistically murder the young couple to allow the sons to tap into their blutbad-ness. The father remembered his heart and soul and helped Nick, despite the history between blutbads and Grimms. I appreciated the unlikely partnership because I'm interested in the exploration of the nature of people. Eddie protected Aunt Marie from an army of assassins, and even ripped a guy's arm off. Unfortunately, Marie died, leaving Nick as the lone Grimm to fight and kill the bad beasts hiding in human form. Nick realized how little he understood about the world he's entering, which is why he asked Eddie to protect his aunt while he investigated the case-of-the-week. After he laid flowers over her grave, his girlfriend wondered if he'd be okay. Nick said he would be, in time, as he stood and looked like a man ready to kick some bad blutbad ass. It was a second straight solid episode of Grimm.

-Now, the TV shows I write about weekly are bound for an extended hiatus. The writers, directors, and crew need time to make these episodes we love so much. It's a fools errand to ask my silent readership about what they'd like to read, so I'll opt to write to myself about shows I'll possibly re-watch for the Winter Re-Watch. Perhaps, I'll dive back into the world of Everwood for the rest of its second season. Maybe I'll write about a select group of terrible season five episodes from Dawson's Creek. I do not know. Maybe I'll write original fiction instead of writing my thoughts about episodes that are old.

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