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LOST at Comic Con 2011 w/Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse and Marble Rye

Whoa! LOST at Comic Con 2011! All-new video featuring Jacob and the MIB/the Man In Black/The Smokeness/The Smoke Monster/Smoky going back and forth about the various plot points that not only angered fans but made them want the heads of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on spikes. If Lindelof and Cuse produce one new LOST video at each comic con, then I will be happy because I've missed LOST.

I had no idea that I missed LOST so much. Of course, I always think about how to write about LOST in The Foot. I've considered a re-watch of a season, fully aware that I wrote about many of the episodes over the summer and fall of 2009 as I prepared for the end of the series. Still, though, I miss the amount of fun I had watching and writing about the series. Truly, no TV series brought me as much joy as six seasons of LOST did.

Imagine my surprise and joy when my mother told me about's brand new LOST video. Intrigued, I watched the video. I expected something from Lindelof and Cuse, at Comic Con 2011, because of their faux-fight on twitter about "proof" regarding their claims that they had everything planned from season one. Carlton felt Damon reacted too passionatey to George R.R. Martin's opinion of the finale and how he'd like to avoid 'pulling a LOST' with A Song of Ice and Fire. Damon sees no reason to keep the proof from the masses when it'd solve all of their problems.

At the panel, hosted by Jeff Jensen and Dan Snierson, the hosts were going to show a bootleg version of marble rye until Carlton Cuse burst into the room, dressed a storm trooper and vowed to stop the premiere of marlbe rye. Lindelof burst in. dressed in a Dharma jumpsuit, to ensure that marble rye would play. Of course the video played but not before Carlton did a striptease out of the storm trooper costume.

The video begins innocently enough with the iconic scene from "Exodus," when Jack and Locke have a conversation about what brought them to the Island. John Locke believes that the Island brought them together while Jack doubts. The camera pans to the bushes, where the wacky brothers Jacob and Barry (yep...he has a name) bicker. The scene from "Exodus" continues with Locke's unwavering belief that opening the hatch will change everything. Little does he know that a slightly insane and drunk Scottish man awaits in The Swan.

For the next two minutes, Jacob and MIB fight like 12 year old boys, which is great. Mark Pellegrino and Titus Welliver were fantastic together in parodies shot by Kimmel's crew or the Totally LOST guys at EW. Once again, the actors deliver the comedy. I especially enjoy Pellegrino's increasing whininess as MIB points out each and every flaw of his rule over The Island.

Before I highlight the parts I loved, I'll write a few words about the executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. It's no secret that I enjoyed the banter between the co-show runners almost as much as I enjoyed the episodes. Each week, I waited patiently for the newest LOST podcast to drop into the iTunes store (I even wrote a post about the end of the podcast last May). During season six, Lindelof and Cuse starred in webisodes that streamed on ABC's official website. The webisodes were absurd and awesome. I loved them so much that I essentially ripped the webisodes off for my own podcast, and I tried to have the same tone and banter on my own podcast. My podcast, unfortunately, never came close to how great the Official LOST Podcast was. Anyway, Jacob and MIB have their creators voices. It's not Jacob and MIB talking, it's Darlton (just with the wonderful and hilarious duo of Pellegrino and Welliver).

And that's one more reason the video brought a smile to my face. I don't miss the episodes. The series told a beautiful and moving story in their six seasons. I wouldn't want a season or two more that would taint the quality of that story.

I just miss the podcasts, the interviews and the great fun it was listening to Damon and Carlton joke with one another about the show, about ridiculous plot twists they'd never execute (my favorite: Jacob as a fifty being made of fire who can only be stopped by buckets of water). I miss their inside jokes about pants, banjos and Ezra James Sharkington. I miss the whole LOST experience. It really was great, great fun.

Here are the highlights of the video:

--MIB comments that Locke and Jack will be super pissed to find a Scottish guy in the hatch, pushing a button. Jacob reminds his brother that the button's kept each and every person ALIVE. Without someone pushing the button, they'd all be in trouble. MIB turns it around on his bro and wonders if it'd be more trouble than turning into a billow of black smoke that can transform into dead people.

--MIB feels insulted when every one refers to him as a monster because he had no control over the matter. Jacob pushed him into the river of shiny magic light. Jacob reminds Smoky that the shiny, magic light is THE SOURCE. The Man in Black interrupts his brother and pleads he stop explaining the Island through the "Island-is-a-cork" metaphor. Jacob argues that his metaphor is good. MIB wants to see how everyone reacts when they learn their reason for being on the Island (or watching the show) is explained through a metaphor. "People wants answers, Jacob, not metaphors." Oh, Damon and Carlton.

--Jacob's convinced time-travel will make people forgive him. MIB sarcastically responds, "because time-travel makes sense of everything." The brothers fight some more until MIB goes INSANE when Jacob uses his real name. How I miss LOST.

--Jack Bender shot the video on Disney's back lot a few weeks ago.

--So, please watch the video at the top of the post. Read Alan Sepinwall's blog post about the panel. He includes actual quotes from the Q&A.

Ah, it was good writing about LOST again.

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