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The Vampire Diaries "Crying Wolf" Review

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I wondered how long the werewolves vs. vampires "war" would continue because everyone knows that werewolves are lame. How would the writers of TVD convince the audience to fear werewolves who threatened the safety of our favorite characters? Well, rather than fear the werewolves, the writers simply made the werewolf characters irritating and annoying. Thankfully, the war has ended for the time being after the vampires completely destroyed a group of werewolves. While I doubt we've seen the last of Jules and Tyler, I hope the writers quit trying to convince the audience of how threatening and terrifying werewolves are. Even with a full moon, werewolves are lame.

"Crying Wolf" obviously dealt with the werewolves in Mystic Falls. Besides that, Elijah returned, Elena and Stefan went to the lake house for a weekend get-away while Bonnie (with the help of Jeremy and Caroline) got answers from Luca about he and his father's involvement with Elijah. The episode was transitional as well as a semi-conclusion to one arc that seemed destined to never end. We learned more about Klaus and Elijah's plans with Elena and the moon stone as well as more about Luca and his father. While the episode dealt with "macro" issues like the curse of the moon stone, much of the episode belonged to small moments between characters.

Elena returned to the lake house for the first time since her parents died. As soon as she arrived, a flood memories engulfed her, and she began taking in the memories of the house and thinking of her future. Elena's well aware that Elijah plans to kill her when the time for the sacrifice arrives, which she's okay with because she wants to protect the people she loves more than herself. Stefan objects to such martyrdom, emphasizing that she's barely begun her life while he and Damon have lived for many, many years. Elena's sacrifice isn't heroic, it's tragic according to Stefan, and he has a point. Elena behaves like someone who expects to die. She and Stefan converse about the importance of good memories. Elena especially wants positive memories to remembered by. Amidst the quiet moments, Stefan and Elena discover a secret room with another Gilbert journal which might contain ample information about a solution to Elena's looming sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Tyler's driven by his desire to reverse the person/werewolf he's become. The only reason he follows Brady and Jules into dangerous suicide missions with vampires is because he wants to break the curse of the moon stone so he never turns into a werewolf again. Later, when Brady's dead, and he's aware that Elena must die to get what he wants, he apologizes and receives a hug from the self-less girl because Elena understands how scared Tyler is. She understands how his fear influences his poor decision-making.

The majority of the characters in The Vampire Diaries are scared of something happening to them, besides Elena which is why she stands out. Every werewolf, besides Jules and Tyler, dies because of their fear of the vampires breaking the curse. They associate the broken curse with their collective deaths as a supernatural species. Meanwhile, Katherine spent hundreds of years on the run and ruined people's lives because she feared death. I could continue with examples but I assume you, the reader, understands the point I'm making about the characters in the show and their motivations. Now, Elena isn't exactly the only one whose more concerned about those she loves than herself. Luca and his father work for Elijah because he promised to return them Luca's sister in exchange for their assistance in breaking the curse of the moonstone. If I'm betting a man, most of the characters learn selflessness when they put their lives on the line to defend Elena's life.

Besides the supernatural business, the episode spent some time with the characters personal lives. Jeremy and Bonnie kissed. Caroline tried to apologize to Matt for cancelling their plans but she had a difficult time dancing around the fact that she was locked in a cage while being shot with wooden bullets. John Gilbert planted seeds of doubt in Jenna's head about Alaric. You know, if John Gilbert wasn't so damn truthful, I'd compare him to Iago. Unfortunately, the comparison doesn't work because John manages to be deceptive and deceitful while using the truth.

Overall, "Crying Wolf" was a good episode--not the best and not the worst. It successfully concluded some issues while setting up one or two filler episodes before the intensity of the season-long arc begins again. Brian Young wrote the episode. David von Ancken directed it.

Next week's episode seems exactly like "Amends" from Buffy but without the Christmas setting. We shall see if I'll rant about the similarities between Stefan and Angel. I probably will.


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