Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jacob's Foot: The Damon Tweet

It's been two months or so since I've written anything besides a recap for LOST. That changes today. As I patiently await the new episode at 9PM, there's a few things worth discussing in anticipation of the Desmond-centric episode "Happily Ever After."

In last week's long, long recap (I'm turning into lostpedia here! but that's changing starting tonight) I expressed my excitement about Desmond's return. I also expressed fears that he'd be killed off because of a cryptic tweet from Damon Lindelof; however, I believed I mis-read the meaning behind that tweet because I seem to be one of the few people who is actually enjoying the final season and doesn't feel that there's much to complain about. There are many who have grown frustrated with the season. It's an interesting thing to observe. If one is asked what they want from the final season, they don't know. They just want something. I don't know what I'd say to the masses who have become frustrated by the flash sideways and other stuff. We're halfway through season six and you still haven't become familiar with how this show operates? Really? I know that people want answers. Should they read my old column about how answers aren't essential to enjoying the final chapter of LOST? Yes, they should. I trust Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse a whole lot. If they suggest being patience with the flash sideways then I will be patient. Every season of LOST builds to a mind-blowing finish. I don't doubt that season six is doing just that. The true purpose of the sideways has yet to been revealed but they will be. This now brings me to the purpose of this little entry. Damon's tweet: "In one week, the conversation will change."

Lindelof has more than once expressed his frustration about fan response. He's tweeted some frustration, suggesting fans watch NCIS instead. He admitted to Entertainment Weekly that he's got to control his emotions better. Now, last week's "The Package" was met with so-so reaction by the LOST internet community. I enjoyed the episode. It was fun. It moved the plot forward. It's probably my third favorite Sun/Jin episode of the series. Anywho, I imagine fans were complaining and whatnot about the the episode, the sideways. I assume it was the usual complaints about season six.

The biggest topic of LOST conversation this season has been the sideways. One would assume there might be some sideways revelations tonight. One would be even more encouraged because it is Desmond's hour. He appeared in "LA X" as the guy who Jack felt that he knew but just couldn't place. He seemingly disappeared as well. Faraday made it known in the "Because You Left" season five premiere that Desmond is special. Sure many characters from the past have showed up in the sideways but it seems different for Desmond. We'll certainly find out why Widmore brought Desmond back to the Island tonight.

The point: there could be sideways revelations tonight. That's really all I wanted to say and, also, that I would prefer people stop complaining about the final season.

I'll be back with the recap and rankings tomorrow.

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