Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 NFL Super Bowl Pick XLVII Pick

I think I'll record the Super Bowl and start watching it around 8pm. The Super Bowl viewing live experience is nearly unbearable. Between the never-ending stoppages in play, the long commercial breaks that'll be all the talk of Monday morning with lists and breakdowns and a pick for the best Super Bowl commercial of the night, the unnecessarily long half-time show, and not to mention the 14 hour pre-game shows. The Super Bowl has long ago ceased being for the actual football fan. The event is dominated by corporate sponsors, advertisers, and it's necessary to attract as a wide and broad audience as possible. I'm curious about how long it takes to watch the Big Game when everything else is cut-out. Would it take less time than it takes to watch a Woody Allen movie?

The Super Bowl is basically my least favorite sporting event of a calendar year. I still like the actual game, but not all of the other elements from the human-interest stories that touch on the assistant offensive line's coach life-long love for pigs in a blanket to Extra broadcasting from Bourbon Street all week. This morning, I saw an article about the long-snappers titled "Looking at Football Upside Down." The article is informative, and casts a light on a position that's not focused on nationally. I enjoyed it. The article should've run in the local dailies for San Francisco and Baltimore, though. Whatever. The spectacle of the game won't change. I complained about it enough over the years. Blah, blah, blah, right?

Baltimore over San Francisco

-After John Harbaugh fired Cam Cameron, I wrote that the Ravens wouldn't win the Super Bowl with or without him. The defense was the issue of the team when Harbaugh fired Cam. I argued the move didn't do anything to change the team. Folk portray Jim Caldwell as the man who salvaged the Ravens season. They struggled for a month. Earlier in the week, I read an article that wondered why Jim Caldwell wasn't a head-coaching candidate. Anyway, my declaration about the Ravens not winning the Super Bowl basically means the Ravens will win. I eat my words alot with these picks. I love the way Baltimore's playing. Joe Flacco reminds me of Eli Manning when the Giants won their two Super Bowls. Stopping the 49ers isn't easy, which as obvious and unremarkable a statement as pointing to the sky and saying its color is blue. The 49ers defense has their coach's intensity. Patrick Willis wasn't celebratory at all after beating the Falcons. He spoke to the media at media day at matter-of-factly told them the defense's job is to stop the other team from scoring points. They don't celebrate when they make a play because it's part of their job.

I keep comparing this game to opening match at Wrestlemania X between Owen Hart and Bret Hart. Owen, the cocky younger brother, beat Bret, the experienced and ex-champion brother of Owen, and shocked MSG. I can't remember if the Harts looked on in agony during this match or not. The Harbaughs will be seen looking on in agony. John's been to a Super Bowl with the Eagles and knows how to deal with the nonsense of the day; Jim hasn't. Of course, Bret won the championship to end the night, as Owen looked on and TURNED his back on Bret. The comparison doesn't quite work. It'd be better if the Super Bowl worked like a Sandlot pick-up game wherein the Giants bike into the stadium to make fun of the Ravens for losing. Ray Lewis will then invoke God and remind Justin Tuck that it's God's Time and challenge his team to a game for the title, with everyone forgetting that the 49ers just won the Super Bowl. (If you're wondering, the Patriots are Lex Luger--both the Narcissist Lex Luger and the patriot Lex Luger--in this weird scenario that combines Wrestlemania and The Sandlot. If you‘re wondering more about the Patriots/Lex Luger thing, the equivalent of the Lex Luger body slam on a naval ship to Yokozuna for the Patriots was beating the Rams, and they’ve been Narcissist Lex Luger ever since). So, the Ravens beat the Giants, who are, of course, Yokozuna, and every team, including the 49ers who I'll remind you just won the Super Bowl, lift each Raven on their shoulders to celebrate their championship. The point is the Ravens are going to win.

Overall: 6-4

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