Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Foot: 2010 NFL Week 9 Picks


I had about as much fun the last two weeks picking games as the Minnesota Timberwolves had playing the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic back-to-back. I went 6-7 last week. My overall record is a pathetic 67-50. Blah.

Atlanta over Tampa Bay

-Raheem Morris rhetorically asks whichever broadcast team calls the Bucs game, "why not us?" There are many reasons why the Bucs won't win the Super Bowl. They might sneak into the playoffs due to the lack of quality teams in the NFC. When does the "why not us" sentiment become unoriginal when used by any team or coach in any league? So far, the Bucs have succeeded thanks to a tremendous amount of luck. Eventually, the Bucs will face a team that doesn't shoot itself in the foot. The Falcons might be that team but they enjoy giving games away as much as the other NFC teams.

Buffalo over Chicago

-The Bills were involved in two overtime games the last two weeks. The defense couldn't stop the Ravens two weeks ago. Naturally, the defense plays well and the Harvard Fitzpatrick offense fails to get the job done. The Bills would probably be a 3-4 win team right now in the NFC. As for the Bears, I have no idea what that team has been up to the last few weeks. If they lost to the Redskins then they will lose to any team.

New England over Cleveland

-Oh what a win over the Saints two weeks ago does for a team. Despite the fact that the Patriots are 6-1, the NFL analysts and experts like the Browns chances of an upset. I think Bill Belichick would murder one of his players if the Patriots lost to the Browns. Remember, Mangini is Belichick's nemesis.

New York Jets over Detroit

-It seems like Rex Ryan was a bit too excited about Halloween last week and forgot to prepare his team for the Packers. The Jets were awful which makes me happy because Mets fan root for the Jets. The Jets turned it around a week after being embarrased on MNF so they should destroy the Lions. The Lions have yet to impress despite the attempt the media makes to brainwash the general public into thinking the Lions are a completely different team. They beat the joke of the NFL--the Redskins.

Minnesota over Arizona

-The game could be a battle between Tavaris Jackson and Derek Anderson, and Jackson's best receiver will be Bernard Berrian if Harvin sits out. I'm sure both fanbases are grateful that both front offices made no effort to secure a competent QB once their old, good QBs retired and/or got hurt.

New Orleans over Carolina

-The Saints are a hard team to figure out. They lost to the Cards and the Browns. They only beat the Panthers by two in their first game. Last Sunday, the team took down the Steelers. I dare say the Saints are experiencing a Super Bowl hangover. They seem to only get inspired when they face good opponents. When they face a mediocre or bad team, they turn into any regular season NBA team that sleepwalks through games. Luckily, they play in the NFC.

Baltimore over Miami

-Baltimore needs to win this game. The loss to the Pats and the near-loss to the Bills weren't what Harbaugh wanted. The Dolphins also need this game to gain ground in the AFC East. It could be the game-of-the-week. Henne continues to improve each week and Davone Bess has emerged as a consistent number two receiver, and the defense isn't half bad. Plus, they have Dan Carpenter who saved the game last week with his foot.

San Diego over Houston

-Last week, I wrote about how it was only a matter of time before the Chargers began winning when I pick against them. They began winning immediately. And how exactly is their defense the number one defense in the NFL? I have the defense on a fantasy team and they have not inspired confidence. Also, I expect the Chargers to lose the game as a way to spite me. Me and the Chargers have been bitter enemies for a few years now.

Seattle over New York Giants

-There is no good reason for the Seattle pick other than they are the home team. Yes, I made a mistake last week when I thought the Seahawks were home. No, I was not surprised that not a single person left a comment to inform me of my error. Eventually, the Giants will lose when Eli throws 5 interceptions and a visit to Qwest Field seems like that game. Don't betray me, Pete Carroll.

Kansas City over Oakland

-The KC/Oakland games used to be my favorite before the teams combined for 5 wins in a season. The game has meaning even though both teams will start mediocre QBs running a mediocre offense. But at least the two teams are average now. I trust Todd Haley, Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel more than the crew led by Tom Cable.

Philadelphia over Indianapolis

-The Eagles pass defense is on pace to allow more touchdowns this season than the 27 TDs allowed last year. Wonderful news with Peyton Manning awaiting. Manning will pretty much succeed regardless of the receivers suiting up. He has a history of destroying the Eagles secondary too. Andy and his coaches usually put together a great game plan with the bye week so I feel good about their chances of winning followed by a miserable loss to the Redskins or something.

Green Bay over Dallas

-OH Dallas, how sweet the 1-6 record is. The Jaguars came into the Jerrydome and and wiped the floor. David Garrard looked like his old self. There is no way the Cowboys walk into Lambeau and beat the Pack, right? Kitna's destiny as the QB for a bad team remains in tact.

Pittsburgh over Cincinnati

-After the Bengals swept the two games last year, the Steelers are due for a comfortable win.


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