Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Foot: 2010 NFL Week 11 Predictions


There's plenty to write about that doesn't even include the sixteen games on tap for week 11. The Sixers are terrible. Their 2-10 record is second worst in the league, besting the 1-11 Clippers. I asked a friend to explain the mess of the Sixers and he answered with two words: "Andre Miller." I agree. The team went to hell after Stefanski and Jordan agreed that Lou Williams would be as good as Miller running the point. I like Lou Williams. He's a very good as the the spark plug off the bench. Obviously, the plan failed and Jrue Holiday has become a capable point guard. Now, the team doesn't know what the hell they're doing on a regular basis. In fact, Andres Nocioni yelled in San Antonio "what are we doing?" Not winning is what they're doing. The team is more expensive than last year's 27 win team. The Dalembert trade RAISED payroll. The only thing the Sixers can do is completely blow up the team now. I care not for this "we have to win games to produce a winning atmosphere" because that philosophy hasn't worked. The last two years the Sixers made the playoffs, it was with a losing record. In the process, they botched their chance at a top 7 pick which could've netted them a great young basketball player.

The Sixers interviewed Monty Williams during the off-season. Doug Collins got the job because of his history with the team. Also, the team wanted to make it up to him for choosing Eddie Jordan instead. Bill Simmons warned Sixers nation about Collins. So far, he's been less than impressive and he can't find a solid rotation. The rotation problems last season led to the destruction of confidence in many of the core players. Collins routinely stated that his bench guys are better than his starters. I bring up Monty Williams because he began the season 8-0 as the head coach of the New Orleans Hornets. Right now, the team sits atop the standings with a 10-1 record. I won't argue that Monty Williams would have a 9-1 Sixers team but maybe Monty would have a decent record--not 2-10.

But, perhaps, any coach is doomed to fail with the Sixers. The talent is scarce. I will continue watching poor efforts like last night's loss to the Raptors in hopes that the team eventually "gets it."

As for football, I had a miserable week 10. I finished with a 5-9 record. The overall record is 80-64.

Chicago over Miami

-Tyler Thigpen returns to the big stage for the first time since 2008 when he provided the few bright spots in the Chiefs season. Thigpen's quite capable as a third string quarterback. Plus, he's the freshest guy on the field with the short rest. If the Bears lose, I probably won't learn my lesson about home teams on Thursday nights. The Bears deserve more credit than the media's given them. They had a great win on Sunday and that nonsense group of receivers continues to come up big for the Bears. As for the broadcast team, download some podcasts and listen to those. Bob Papa, Matt Millen, and Theismann will not enlighten us.

Buffalo over Cincinnati

-Terrell Owens actually tweeted an insult directed towards McNabb, possibly forgetting that his team is 2-7 and his T.Ocho show attracts as big an audience as this blog does. Carson Palmer makes about five terrible decisions in a game. I wonder if he thinks he's impervious to corners jumping the route and intercepting him. Of course, Ochocinco and Owens might think about their failure of a show instead of the route so Palmer might not be at fault. Anywho, the Bills finally won. Harvard Fitzpatrick deserves some level of success in the NFL. I doubt he finds it. He played for the Rams, the Bengals and, now, the Bills. Also, Chan Gailey finally remembered that Fred Jackson is good.

Dallas over Detroit

-Detroit will lose yet another road game since the Cowboys decided to care again. Thankfully this isn't the Thanksgiving game. The real story in Dallas belongs to FC Dallas, the MLS team who defeated the LA Galaxy 3-0 to advance to the MLS cup. They battle the Colorado Rapids for the championship. I did not foresee a Rapids/FC Dallas Cup when the season began. But Dallas can rejoice knowing that every team except for the team they love most succeeds.

Tennessee over Washington

-Both teams were terrible last week. The Redskins were much worse. I hope Dan Snyder never sells the team. The Titans somehow lost to a team that used three quarterbacks. But the Redskins are the team that gives wins to teams when they need one. They are a charity. The Redskins love to lose.

Kansas City over Arizona

-I guess cupcake games don't exist for the Chiefs. After all, they once lost 28 of 30 games. Lost in the blowout was Cassell's excellent garbage time numbers of 449 yards. Arizona's defense gives up yards and points easily. The Chiefs lose this game, the season is over and the Todd Haley jokes begin again.

Green Bay over Minnesota

-Elizabeth Merrill wrote 2,000 words on the dysfunction of the Vikings. The 2,000 words can be summed up in a sentence: the players dislike their head coach immensely. Not exactly breaking news. Brett Favre's playing injured and now he gets a fresh Clay Matthews to deal with. The Packers were playing outstanding football going into the bye. I expect the outstanding play to continue. The Merrill piece included a rather sad moment though. She said Childress clutched a newspaper with an article that had quotes from Kevin Williams defending him. I'm a Childress fan. He was the offensive coordinator for some of the funnest Eagles football I've experienced.

New York Jets over Houston

-Maybe the Jets will win convincingly. They're a flukey 7-2 team but they're 7-2. I'd usually rail about how undeserving the Jets are but why bother. Houston had the exact opposite luck last week when they lost on a hail mary. They're a good team going nowhere once again because they get bad breaks or they make dumb mistakes at crucial times. One of these years the Texans will exceed expectations. Arian Foster is a beast though.

Pittsburgh over Oakland

-Heads will explode if the Raiders win. Football fans aren't ready for Raiders in the same sentence and bubble graphics as playoffs.

Baltimore over Carolina

-Brian St. Pierre starts for the Panthers Sunday. He's thrown 5 passes in 8 years. Does anyone think they'll win the game? The Ravens can go to the matinee showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and still win the game.

Cleveland over Jacksonville

-The Browns are good. It took them a few weeks to get it together but they are actually good. Of course, they can prove me right by beating the lucky-and-underwhelming Jaguars. In other news, I've become a fan of the Penn campus. It's amazing how ugly the Drexel campus is compared to Penn's considering the close proximity. I even walked through the Penn quadrangle. If only someone had mistaken me for a quadruple major Ivy leaguer. I'd declare that I am in the midst of re-definining post-structuralism.

Atlanta over St. Louis

-Atlanta sort of quieted critics after the win vs. Baltimore. They need to prove that they can win games on the road. The Rams have responded well after tough losses this season. I'm looking forward to the game.

New Orleans over Seattle

-Me and Seattle don't see eye-to-eye. I assume the 1-15 pre-season prediction is the reason. Each week I pick the Seahawks to lose, they win and then they lose when I pick them to win. Seattle sucks on the road. New Orleans had the bye week. This should be easy in theory.

Tampa Bay over San Francisco

-Amazingly, the 49ers have a shot to win the worst division in football. Tampa Bay faces the real test as the season heads towards the stretch. The NFC teams are heating up and getting better. The Bucs have to keep up. Freeman's extraordinary though. He's one of those quarterbacks who makes every guy around him immediately better. I'd like to see continued success for the Bucs. The city of Tampa doesn't necessarily deserve a good team because the fans are atrocious but the team deserves to succeed.

New England over Indianapolis

-I love New England/Indy games. Indy's a wounded team right now and the Patriots showed exactly what they can do when motivated enough (what the hell happened in Cleveland?). Brady vs. Manning will always be a must-watch game.

Philadelphia over New York Giants

-Michael Vick delivered one of the greatest QB performances of all-time. Philadelphia, outside of the Sixers, has been a lucky with their teams lately. Halladay threw a perfect game and then a no-hitter in the playoffs. The Flyers made history. Vick reclaimed his status as the greatest player in the NFL. Considering the rest of the NFL, the Eagles can certainly win the Super Bowl. Andy and Marty deserve a steak dinner for that Redskins game.

This game will be good. The Giants remain a good football team. The defensive line can take advantage of the so-so offensive line of the Eagles. The Eagles defense is developing an ability for takeaways though. Eli has thrown his fair share of interceptions this season. I expect a low-scoring game and the game will be won in the trenches. And, lest we forget, the winner takes sole possession in a two horse NFC East race. I'm stoked.

San Diego over Denver

-Denver can inject meaning into their season if they defeat the Chargers. Oh, the West. The Chargers are an unpredictable team. One week, they look like a 14-2 team then they don't. The talking heads blame everything on the special teams because they revere Norv Turner. But, of course, I'm aware of how special teams can derail a season. I remember the Rory Segrest Eagle special teams. Anyways, watch Community tonight on NBC.

Last Week: 5-9

Overall: 80-64



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