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The Foot: 2010 Week 8 NFL Picks


Before I dive into the world of the NFL, November is National Pancreatic Cancer month. Head over to this website: and educate yourself about the cancer, the history of the research, the statistics and then please spread awareness or donate any sum of cash in hopes of improving the research so an early detection method can be found, which help thousands upon thousands of people. Once again, the website is:

Miami over Cincinnati

-I bet Tony Sprano wishes his team was in the NFC. The Dolphins are better than some of the best NFC teams. The Bengals, on the other hand, are NOT better than the good NFC teams. Ochocinco took some plays off, Owens complained to Marvin Lewis about his targets and the defense managed to dig a deep hole that the offense couldn't climb out of. I wonder if Ochocinco and Owens care more about their awful ratings for the T.Ocho show or the fact their season is going nowhere.

Dallas over Jacksonville

-God's quarterback returns to the NFL spotlight. Last week, I wrote that the Cowboys fans would yell for Kitna to save their season. Well, the fans yelled at Kitna because it looks like he'll officially kill their season. Garrard will start after sitting out a week with a concussion. NFL teams are very stupid.

Washington over Detroit

-I should probably take the Lions considering McNabb has regressed quite a lot since last season. The man used to make an offense work despite the terrible receivers surrounding him. McNabb simply isn't getting the job done. Without DeAngelo Hall, the Bears would've won easily. Plus, the Lions had a bye week and Stafford will start. Oh well, the pick is down. The clown is down.

Kansas City over Buffalo

-The fantasy writers are going wild over the QB play of one Harvard Fitzpatrick. Steve Johnson is now a wanted receiver in various leagues. This game could resemble an SEC game--quite possibly the LSU/Auburn game. I anticipate a 55-50 final. Chan Gailey probably grumbles around the Bills practice facility that he was brought in for his offensive mind as reporters grill him with questions about the terrible play of the defense. Give the man some credit: Harvard is carving up opposing defenses. The Chiefs will somehow score 55 despite 123 total passing yards and a single TD from Cassell. I do not know how the Chiefs put up all of these points.

St. Louis over Carolina

-The Rams fell victim to the nonsense of the Bucs but the team continues to impress. I wonder if possibly losing Steven Jackson for this game will help the Panthers. Matt Moore remembered how he played in the last few weeks of the 2009 season. But honestly, this game is extremely uninteresting. You'll be better off watching a Halloween movie. Speaking of Halloween, I watched portions of Halloween 5 on AMC yestereve. There is a sequence when little Jamie runs around in a boiler room because Michael Myers wants to kill her. The movie cuts to a shot of The Shape, mask and all, and follows the footsteps to where Jamie hides. We then find out the shape was just the Janitor's. THAT IS CHEATING. Of course, Halloween 5 consists of mostly flaws--most notably the ending.

New York Jets over Green Bay

-I wonder if Rex Ryan steals the candy that his children get when they trick-or-treat. After all, this is a man who rewarded a horrendous pre-season performance by his team with a whole lot of desserts. I wonder how much Halloween candy the coaching staff ate while preparing for this game. Hard Knocks is the reason I think this activity exists inside the walls of the Jets. As for the Packers, they got a great win against the Vikes. Unfortunately, the Packers are too injured to beat the Jets.

Denver over San Francisco

-The crowd at Wimbley might riot. Imagine if the EPL brought two teams over every season but the teams were never the elite EPL teams like Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester City. Instead, the teams were floating between the top half and bottom half of the table or sitting directly in the relegation zone like Wigan Athletic or Wolverhampton or Blackpool.. London are getting two bad teams. Is it too much to send good teams? Troy Smith is starting for the 49ers. This will not help the good people of England to fall in love with America's favorite sport. The poor folks won't even have an EPL game to switch to as the last EPL game on Sundays ends 10 minutes for this game begins.

Tennessee over San Diego

-The trust is gone, San Diego. A day will come when the Chargers get healthy and win each time I pick against them but that day is not now. Tennessee sure did embarrass the Eagles on Sunday. They continued running simple routes with Britt. I just hope the Chargers know how to adjust coverage if a receiver kills them.

Seattle over Oakland

-Any time the Oakland Raiders score 59 points, there's a good chance the team will suffer a let down the next week. The Seahawks are at home where they thrive. The team is coming together nicely. Pete Carroll is doing a good job. Speaking of Seattle, the Sounders will win the 2010 MLS Cup.

New England over Minnesota

-The Pats are quietly 5-1. If Favre plays, he could do damage against a weak Patriots secondary especially with a presumably angry Randy Moss. Tavaris Jackson will not do much damage if he starts for the injured Favre.

Tampa Bay over Arizona

-If Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Michael Myers' white horse and ghostface played quarterback, would any of them be better than Derek Anderson? Voorhees is probably suited for linebacker. Krueger seems like a punter. Leatherface might succeed a blocking TE. The white horse could play any position while ghostface is definitely a fifth receiver who would only be used in the shotgun formation. Michael Myers has the poise and calmness that an NFL QB needs but Derek Anderson would be the best QB. Tampa has nailed the art of nonsense wins.

Pittsburgh over New Orleans

-The "who dat?" nation just got beat by the Browns. The Real World New Orleans ruined the rallying cry for the Saints because they were 7 strangers who openly hopped on the bandwagon. In fact, I'll blame the real world new orleans for the current rut the Saints are in. Pittsburgh's the best team in the NFL. And HEY The Walking Dead premieres at 10PM on AMC. I hear the pilot is outstanding. I hope to post a review during the early hours of All Saint's Day.

Indianapolis over Houston

-How things have changed since week one. Both teams are banged up. I count on the Colts to withstand injuries more than the Texans. NFL analysts might explode with excitement if the Texans sweep the Colts. The hyperboles will never end.

Last Week: 8-6

Overall: 61-43


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