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The Foot: 2010 Week 7 NFL Picks


Phillies down 3-1 to the Giants. Am I severely concussed? No, the Giants deserve a ton of credit. They've pitched better, hit better and have been better overall. The Great Offensive Funk of 2010 has re-emerged. Not fun. I don't have much to add to the "What The Phils Must Do To Win" discussion. It's fairly obvious. I feel confident in Halladay's ability to dominate tonight but it's all about the offense and their ability to rise to the occasion. I will add this: the Giants are getting the kind of breaks the Phils got the last two years. In 2008 and 2009, the dramatic game four would've gone the Phillies way. Not this year.


I had a fairly forgettable week six of the NFL season. I went 9-5. A couple of close games didn't go my way. My overall record is a so-so 53-37. Blah. But now, the Eagles are considered as one of the top 5 teams in the NFL. What a wild and wacky year.

Atlanta over Cincinnati

-The Falcons looked awful against the Eagles. Atlanta solidified 2010 as the year of the unimpressive teams. Experts jumped on the bandwagon faster than fans in Texas jumped on the Rangers bandwagon. Many declared Atlanta as the absolute favorite to be the number one seed. Of all the experts in all of sports, the NFL experts are the worst--which is amazing because half of the experts are former players. Experts and color commentators speak only using the second person and the information is rather poor. I've cut NFL pre-game shows from my sunday schedule. Instead, I watch EPL soccer on FSN. As for the Bengals, when the top two receivers have a reality show and seem to CARE about the REALITY SHOW more than their team then the chances of winning on Sunday decrease dramatically. I wonder if Marvin Lewis bludgeons himself in the head sometimes.

Washington over Chicago

-Actually, as I think about it, there is a tie between NFL and NBA experts for the worst. With NBA experts, they only cover half of the league while forgetting that a whole other half exists. As for this game, no one cares about the Bears anymore nor the Redskins.

Philadelphia over Tennessee

-I wonder what WIP would've been like had someone from the future returned to inform them that the offensive line would consist of King Dunlap, Todd Herremans, Mike McGlynn, Max Gean Gilles and Winston Justice. Herremans and Justice are consistently consistent. The other three have done a nice job. King Dunlap deserves a gold sticker for holding his own against Atlanta. As for the QB situation, I think Kolb should've never lost the job. I loved the win against Atlanta. The team showed alot. The defense did well. The run defense is going to get a great test this week with Chris Johnson. I have no complaints about the Eagles this week.

Kansas City over Jacksonville

-I actually watched portions of that Monday night game. Bad times. If Buffalo cuts a QB in favor of Havard, is he worth signing? Trent Edwards can't get the job done. I think the Jaguars continue to play for Del Rio. I figured the team would quit on him following the Philly game. They are a mess though. And Kansas City earned my respect despite blowing a 10 point lead and losing the game. Their division is bad and the entire NFL isn't too great. The Chiefs need to win this though. If they don't then the NFL experts will yell incoherently about the Chiefs. And where the hell did that Dwayne Bowe performance come from? Every week in fantasy, I face some team whose player explodes and, of course, the player comes nowhere near matching the stats the following week.

Pittsburgh over Miami

-This NFL season is wearing me down. I get more excited about an October Thrashers/Sabres game than I do about the NFL. The NFL is more responsible for the violence because they endorse it and sell it. Sports writers are hypocrites as well when they write scathing pieces about the violence in the NFL. Without the NFL, half of these writers wouldn't have jobs or they'd be terrible hockey writers who tear down the sport because players fight. If people have an issue with the NFL, stop consuming the sport. Walk away. And the NFL and its owners should scrap plans for an 18 game season if they want to make the game safer. The league is absolutely sending mixed messages to the players.

New Orleans over Cleveland

-When the NFL Network guys are praising the Browns for the heart when they lost 28-10, one knows that they are latching onto to any new angle to yell about. The Saints looked better last week. The Browns defense won't roll over. They're a physical bunch. Saints should watch game tape of the Panthers game and avoid letting an inferior team with a green QB remain in the game.

St. Louis over Tampa Bay

-The Rams solidified their status as an average NFL team. Good for them. The Bucs have some more growing to do.

San Francisco over Carolina

-Wow. What a horrible game. John Fox will start Matt Moore because he doesn't want to kill Jimmy Clausen's career. Poor Matt Moore is a sitting duck though. I don't envy Panthers fans. How did the team get this bad--so bad that Devin Thomas will get some snaps at receiver this weekend?

Baltimore over Buffalo

-The Bills defense has -3 points through six weeks in my one fantasy league. Doesn't that sum up the entire team? I wonder which fan base is more bummed out: the Bills or the Manchester United fans? Wayne Rooney wants out. Rumor is he wants to cross town and play at the Eastlands for Man City.

Seattle over Arizona

-The Seawks are an average team as well. Average, of course, is more than enough to win the NFC West. Max Hall starts his second game for the Cardinals. Max Hall seems like the name that would belong to a main character in a Disney Channel half-hour comedy.

Denver over Oakland

-Kyle Boller and Jason Campbell split reps this week. Boller should start. He breathed life into a horrible Rams offense last season. If Boller gets the nod, Campbell probably begins his new career as the third QB on the depth chart. As for Denver, Orton should grow a massive beard like Jake Plummer did a few years ago. That would be awesome.

New England over San Diego

-Unfortunately, all of the good players on the Chargers offense are hurt. I won't write off the Chargers because of they usually turn their season around. I like the Patriots. I like the return to their old style of offense. The defense remains a work-in-progress.

Minnesota over Green Bay

-This game might captivate the nation. Not me though. The Packers have been clobbered by injuries. The media cares more about Favre's cell phone and his consecutive starts streak. I'll repeat myself: the NFL season is wearing me down. Favre will beat his old team because of injuries yet again. Regardless of the result, Rodgers is the better QB and the Packers will be in much better shape down the road than Minnesota.

New York Giants over Dallas

-The world will shed tears of joy if the Cowboys fall to 1-5. The Dallas faithful will chant for God Quarterback, Jon Kitna, to save the season. Allright...maybe not. This game will be decided by the quarterback who does not make the crucial 4th quarter mistake. Unfortunately, Manning is more prone to do that this year but Romo always likes to surprise his fans with a terrible turnover.

Last Week: 9-5

Overall: 53-37

Quick Note: I posted my Terriers review this morning. Please read. Terrific show.


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