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The Foot: 2010 Week Two NFL Picks


Usually I am delighted and enthralled by week one of the NFL season. Not this year. I became increasingly miserable as the early games ended and the afternoon games began. The games were lousy and the commentary teams even worse. My fantasy teams resembled some of my worst teams in fantasy football history. I totaled an astounding 51 points week 1 in one of my leagues. For anyone familiar, those are Jawn (a former name for a brutal team I drafted) numbers. But you know who salvaged Jawn's season to a respectable finish? Drew Brees. The quarterback of The Love Isselfs is...DREW BREES. I feel good about a possible threepeat in this league. But no one cares about my fantasy teams. People care about the NFL and prognostication.

I finished a lousy 9-7, which is a far cry from my 12-4 start a year ago. But there are sixteen more chances for a perfect week. LET IT BEGIN

Atlanta over Arizona

-There's the old saying that no one should take what happened in week one and apply it to week two. Trust me. It won't be a problem. Or knowing me it will be a massive problem. I'm not sure if Derek Anderson still sucks or if the Rams defense is finally playing like a Steve Spagnulo defense. Probably the former. The Falcons settled for field goals in the red zone and then their defense gave up tackling Mendenhall in overtime. I can't envision Atlanta being 0-2 and I can see a 20-3 victory and a game story with Derek Anderson trying, but failing, to explain his performance. I might very well eat these words. WHO KNOWS?!?!?

Baltimore over Cincinnati

-There are many football columnists who wasted between 600-800 words writing about the Ravens defense like their dominance was a surprise. Yes, I know the secondary was depleted but the front seven wasn't. It wasn't a surprise though. I don't get it. I expect nothing from the Bengals. Their defense betrayed me brutally in the first week. They earned -3 points for team Cory Matthews in my 14 team league. The offense only woke up when the Patriots had the game won. Their sudden ability to score also hurt my fantasy team in my other league. I might turn heel on the Bengals. I don't think the Bengal offense can do much on the Ravens. I think Flacco could have a nice game. He didn't play great against the Jets but he still threw for 248 yards. He could throw for 300 if the Bengals decide to take the first half off again. But, of course, the Bengals could win easily to spite me.

Kansas City over Cleveland

-The Chiefs were a team that looked completely prepared and ready for the regular season. But the Chiefs offense was terrible. Cassell's lone touchdown was set up by a defensive takeaway. Luckily, they get the Browns who managed to blow their lead against the Bucs. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Chiefs will be 2-0. Also, Josh Cribbs said the Browns got beat by the Browns. Whatever makes you sleep at night, Josh.

Dallas over Chicago

-Matt Forte seems like he's returned to form thanks to Mike Martz. Jay Cutler threw for over 360 yards with a receving corp of Devin Hester, Johnny Knox and Devin Arshomadu. They got a win because of a dumb rule and Calvin Johnson's mistake. Dallas wasn't impressive at all. As for Alex Barron, if the Rams (THE RAMS!) were willing to part ways with him, do you really want to start him on an already untrustworthy line? You don't want to look for any OTHER guard? I enjoyed the disaster of that final play because I loathe the Cowboys. Please continue starting Alex Barrron, Wade Phillips.

Philadelphia over Detroit

-Is every one Philly very stoned? There should be no QB controversy. If the team wanted to compete for the Super Bowl, they don't trade McNabb. Kolb has to start and will start because he is the future of the team. If he fails then he fails and if he succeeds, he succeeds. But he must start every game once he's healthy. The defense needs to show they can function without Bradley in the middle. The Lions offense isn't great even with Stafford. Shaun Hill is average and will probably be average. The Eagles defense should be fine. Also, the way the concussions were handled Sunday is a great example of why I'm slowly losing interest in the NFL.

Green Bay over Buffalo

-Clay Matthews is a beast. Holy moly. I saw him running after Kolb and yelled like Jim Ross. It was like slow motion. Anywho, I didn't start the Packers defense in my one league because of my loyalty to the Birds. We all know how the Bengals defense did in their stead. The Bills might've experienced their most exciting game of the season last week. It's a shame the final drive was terribly executed and called.

Tennessee over Pittsburgh

-This is one of those classic week two games. The Titans looked great against a Raiders team that (surprise) wasn't ready for week 1. The Steelers earned a tough win. I will not be surprised should the Steelers win 20-17 or something. But the Titans pick remains.

Minnesota over Miami

-The Vikings weren't ready for week 1. Ditto for the Dolphins. I heard announcers, broadcasters and analysts discuss how week 1 is tough for teams because they are getting used to playing four quarters. Allow me to compare football to soccer. During the preseason, the goal for soccer teams is to become fit for the rigors of the regular season. The players play some minutes then more then more until they are good to go in opener. The NFL preseason has zero interest in this. The starters barely play except for the third game. There's a chance this game will be unwatchable but the game could be great. That's how week two is.

Carolina over Tampa Bay

-Matt Moore should play on Sunday and that swayed my pick. I picked exactly one underdog in the entire week. Uh oh. I might regret this decision.I have to believe Matt Moore will become a reliable starting QB this season because he's my lone backup QB in a league with two QB spots.

Denver over Seattle

-Here's a classic stupid pick by me OR IS IT? Pete Carroll's emotion on the sidelines was awesome. The Seahawks do have talent on defense and Hasselbeck remains a decent QB. But I think the Seahawks benefited from a 49ers team whose players didn't bother learning the game plan. It's early in the season and Singletary already WENT NUTS on his players. But Denver lost to a very mediocre Jaguars team. This is probably a dumb pick.

Oakland over St. Louis

-Ignoring last year's comeback in week 1, the Raiders are notoriously bad in week two and then get their act together for week two. The schedule gods gave them a break with the Rams in week 2 but the Rams looked decent. Again, was Anderson terrible or is actual improvement happening in Missouri? Campbell was awful. The defense was bad. But I think the Raiders turn it around this week.

New England over New York Jets

-The Jets and the media had insane expectations. Now everyone remembers that Sanchez is a liability rather than a godsend. Remember, destroying Penn State in the Rose Bowl doesn't translate to NFL superstardom. As for the Patriots, they never miss a beat. Revis vs. Moss is the matchup to watch. Revis OWNED Moss last year.

San Diego over Jacksonville

-The Chargers were pathetic in the rain. I guess that happens with a San Diego team. The center also paid no attention to the play clock despite Rivers going INSANE. Hardwick even ignored the signal for 'GET ME THE EFFING BALL RIGHT NOW.' I don't know how Jacksonville scores outside of Jones-Drew. Lewis looks like he's finally the guy but that drum's been beating for awhile. The Jags have 7-9 written all over them.

Houston over Washington

-Houston didn't make me regret last week's pick. I wouldn't be surprised by a week two letdown from the Texans. I wonder if the Texan sentiment will be 'this is the true test to determine whether they've truly turned it around' on a weekly basis. The Redskin crowd was awesome Sunday night. The defense was great. The offense wasn't. Until I see McNabb run the offense seamlessly and the Redskins aren't facing a team like the Texans, I will pick against them. But I'll pick against them because I dislike the team.

Indianapolis over New York Giants

-Times like these I wish the NFL was like the WWE because Peyton vs. Eli could be a feud as epic as the great Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart feud. Eli would be the heel because he's the younger, jealous brother. I think the Colts will be just fine. They've sucked against the run before and made the playoffs. Not sure what to make of the Giants yet.

New Orleans over San Francisco

-As mentioned earlier, Singletary has already went nuts. By the time the Saints play, many will forget the team already played a game. The NFL definitely rewarded this team for their Super Bowl win. A Thursday game followed by a Monday game. For the sake of my fantasy sports-related sanity, please throw for 3TDs and 300 yards, Drew Brees.

Last Week: 9-7

Overall: 9-7

If you missed it, I wrote about Man Vs. Wild and Terriers earlier. Please read.


Brick by Rian Johnson

Brick is a great modern film noir with very original dialogue. Check it out.


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