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The Foot: 2010 Week 1 NFL Picks

FOOTBALL HAS ARRIVED. I've been in baseball mode for the entire summer. My excitement level was low during the preseason but then I watched the Boise State and Virginia Tech game on Monday night. I remembered football is awesome. My excitement level rivals that of a Twilight fan on the eve of Twilight 3: There Is No Spoon.

Before the Week 1 picks, here are my 2010 NFL predictions for the standings:


1. NY Giants (10-6)

2. Cowboys (9-7)

3. Eagles (7-9)

4. Redskins (7-9)


1. Packers (12-4)

2. Vikings (9-7)

3. Bears (7-9)

4. Lions (6-10)


1. Saints (12-4)

2. Falcons (11-5)

3. Panthers (8-8)

4. Buccaneers (5-11)


1. 49ers (10-6

2. Cardinals (8-8)

3. Rams (3-13)

4. Seahawks (1-15)


1. Patriots (11-5)

2. Dolphins (10-6)

3. Jets (8-8)

4. Bills (4-12)


1. Ravens (12-4)

2. Steelers (10-6)

3. Bengals (10-6)

4. Browns (6-10)


1. Colts (13-3

2. Titans (10-6)

3. Texans (9-7)

4. Jaguars (5-11)


1. Chargers (12-4)

2. Raiders (8-8)

3. Chiefs (6-10)

4. Broncos (5-11)


Welcome friends and well-wishers to the 5th Annual NFL Picks. I am your prognosticator. The goal is simple. I want a perfect week. Ideally, I'd like to have a 16-0 week of predictions but I'd settle for a perfect week when teams have byes. I don't pick with the point spreads. It's straight up win or loss. An argument can be made for the use of point spreads but that'd draw me closer to gambling with money. I have an english degree. The last thing I need is a gambling addiction. I haven't gone perfect yet. I've come close but NO CIGAR. This season should be fun. We've got an impending lockout and two divisions that should begin the 'BRING RELEGATION INTO FOOTBALL' discussion. Yes, I'm looking at you, Spagnulo and the Rams front office. But why waste all my thoughts in this paragraph when I have 16 games to write about? LET IT BEGIN!

New Orleans over Minnesota

-I missed the second half of their NFC Conference Championship battle because I was duped into a prolonged dining experience at my local Wendy's establishment. Not cool. Does anyone else experience the depression and regret I experience when a great, great game is missed in ANY sport? I somehow doubt the second half of this game will have the excitement of the conference title game. But I wonder: are the Vikings too underrated by the experts now? This has the making of the classic Vikings victory followed by the NFL Network analysts explaining why this wasn't out of left field. Childress still has Adrian Peterson. He seems to be a forgotten running back. But perhaps I'm defending the Vikings so I can say the victory wasn't far-fetched. The Saints offense is still spectacular. Speaking of their offense, Drew Brees is the starting QB for my fantasy team, The Love Isselfs. I'm trying to win my THIRD championship in a row. Bryan Funk fears me in that league. Brees nearly saved my team's season (when it was called JAWN) a few years ago after PCA author DROPPED him. But, honestly, the Saints aren't losing their first game in their dome since the Super Bowl. NO WAY. You can bet a plastic spoon ON THAT.

Miami over Buffalo

-Oh, the Bills. Of all the coaches they could've hired, they went with Chan Gailey. The suicide beards will grow in Buffalo. At least the Bills have the hope that C.J. Spiller will actually realize his potential. Marshawn Lynch is now THIRD on the depth chart. I once drafted him in the first round and he lost me a full point mid-week after games were done. I still don't get it. The Bills are going to be awful. I wanted to pick them to finish with 2 wins but my gut says they get 4 and miss out on Jake Locker. As for Miami, a lot depends on Chad Henne's ability. I think they could surprise in the AFC East like they did in 2008. Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker are calling this game. It won't be a terrible game but Gus deserves better.

Chicago over Detroit

-This matchup ended the 2009 season for both teams. I don't remember the game. Does anyone? Lovie Smith is still the Bears coach and Jay Cutler's still a d-bag. Their three best receivers are Johnny Knox, Devin Arshomadu and Devin Hester. Bad times. People loves the Lions this year. Suh should be a beast in the league but Detroit isn't going to be a whole new team this season. They won twice last year. Expect a Piranha 3D type effort from them. Gruesome at times but an improvement. No, I've never seen the movie.

Tennessee over Oakland

-Why are people in love with the Raiders? Yes, they added Jason Campbell but he could never get it done in Washington. Louis Murphy and Chaz Schillens are solid receivers but they aren't transendent. Miller is Campbell's best option. With Campbell, Miller should have a great season. Campbell likes his TEs. The defense is always solid though. The Raiders will have a solid year but there's going to be mistakes in this one and they won't win. As for the Titans, Chris Johnson pretty much won my second straight fantasy league title single handedly. He was so damn good last season. I expect more greatness from the man this season. I think he can run on this Raiders D. McClain isn't going to be a game-changer in Week 1. Asogomha and CB Chris Johnson should shut down the Titan wide receivers.

New England over Cincinnati

-I'm hesitant to pick against the Patriots. The Bengals have a bandwagon because of last season combined with T.O. and Ochocinco as the top two wideouts. Mike Zimmer's defense is always good. But it's the Patriots. Brady's completely healthy. Welker's back. It's a Randy Moss contract year. The defense is a worry but the Bengals offense isn't exactly menacing. The Bengals didn't have a single Pro Bowler last year. Of course, Odom would've been one if he hadn't gotten hurt.

New York Giants over Carolina

-Carolina ended the 2009 campaign in a positive way. In my 14 team league, I have Smith AND Matt Moore. John Fox is one of the league's best coaches so I think the Panthers can surprise here. The Giants spent time repairing the defense because it fell apart like an Alexandre Aja movie in the third act. Every week, there are games where I think 'I should change this pick.' I should change this pick. Will I? Doubtful. The clown is pretty much down.

Atlanta over Pittsburgh

-Last year, Denis Dixon managed the game well against the Ravens when he started so he isn't a huge question mark. He's a former Oregon Duck. We'll see if Tomlin relies on the running game. The question remains for Tomlin: is he Jon Gruden 2.0? Not much has been written about the Falcons. Their defense is meh while the offense still has Michael Turner, Tony Gonzalez and Roddy White. Michael Jenkins is out for the season though. He's a good number two. I don't really know how this one plays out.

Cleveland over Tampa Bay

-I liked the heart the Bucs showed late in the year and the fact they played for Raheem Morris. It's stunning Mangini remains the head coach of the Browns. The Browns lost Montario Hardesty to a torn ACL--one of the great names in the NFL. Massaquoi leads the pack of receivers. I think Delhomme has a solid season with his new team. Sheldon Brown will be great for their secondary. Is it any surprise that CBS gave Spero Dedes and Rich Gannon this game?

Denver over Jacksonville

-Greg Amsinger and Mitch Williams are the broadcasters for the MLB Network afternoon game in Denver. It hasn't been pretty. Amsinger and Williams are good in the studio as host and analyst respectively. Trainwreck so far as broadcasters. Speaking of trainwrecks, it's Josh McDaniels and Jack Del Rio. Jabar Gaffney's going to be the number one target for Kyle Orton. Uh-oh. I drafted Moreno in my fantasy league so I'm hoping he taps into his full potential this season. The defense is still comparable to the sixth season of Dawson's Creek. My apologies, B-Dawk. Garrard has the same problem Orton does: no one to throw to. Sims-Walker's the best option. Marcedes Lewis is a solid option. Rashean Mathis is still their no.1 corner. He is great. Moving on now.

Houston over Indianapolis

-This might be the stupidest pick of the week by me. The Texans play the Colts well every year then they give the game away in the last five minutes. If the Texans want to be taken seriously, they will win this game. They're home. The defense is above average. The offense hasn't lost a step (well maybe at running back but Arian Foster will be fine). The Colts are the Colts though. If it wasn't for the final quarter of the Super Bowl, the Colts would have a bandwagon the size of Russia. They'd be the favorite to win the Super Bowl. But I can see a Texans win and a lot of air time devoted to a Colts discussion about whether the Colts are on the down-slide. We shall see.

Arizona over St. Louis

-Derek Anderson won't be terrible as Warner's replacement. He's got Fitz, Breaston and Doucet to throw to plus Beanie Wells running out of the backfield. The Cardinals have a shot at the division. Anderson nearly did the impossible once upon a time: take the Browns to the playoffs. The Rams have too many issues for Bradford to walk in and save the franchise. Remember, if they didn't beat the Lions last year, they would've been the second team in as many years to finish 0-16. This team sucks.

Philadelphia over Green Bay

-The 2010 Eagles are most compared to the post-Favre Packers. The Packers went 6-10 in Aaron Rodgers' first season as the starter. They also led the league with the most losses by 4 points or less. I see a similar season unfolding with the Eagles. The offense looked atrocious in the preseason. 0 TDs for the first string offense. I hope Reid and Marty quit using Vick randomly in third down packages though Domo made a convincing case for using Vick in third down packages; however, Vick makes too many mistakes. The offensive line is the same as the line last year. Jamaal Jackson has his hands full in his first full game back since tearing the ACL. He has to block B.J. Raji.

The defense looks like a whole new defense. Hopefully, the defensive line finally finds consistency. Graham looks like the real deal as the complement to Cole, and Patterson and Bunkley are two of the most consistent DTs in the NFL. I'm thrilled about the linebacker corp. Sims, Bradley and Jordan are going to be great. The secondary is still iffy. Mikkell needs to regain his pro bowl form. Nate Allen has a lot of responsibility at free safety. I'm not convinced Hobbs can replace Sheldon Brown. The secondary has good depth though.

I hope Bobby April, with his great special teams reputation, can make the special teams look, you know, good. They were dreadful in the preseason.

As for this game, I know the Packers are great. I really liked watching them last season and Rodgers is so good. Their missing some key guys on defense like Al Harris and John Jolley. We're really going to see what the Eagles offense and defense are capable of Sunday. The defense faces one heck of a challenge and Kolb and his guys have to execute more efficiently on the field, especially in the red zone. Reid and his staff have notoriously struggled against 3-4 defenses. The defense has to pressure Rodgers, force turnovers and Kolb can't turn the ball over. McCoy's gotta show he can pick up blitzes. The linebackers need to cover Jermichael Finley. I'm tired of the poor tight end coverage by the linebackers.

This is going to be an interesting game for the Eagles. I'm stoked for the throwback green uniforms to celebrate the 1960 NFL championship.

San Francisco over Seattle

-Pete Carroll is a so and so. He fled the scene when the NCAA was going to punish USC for various infractions and violations. I think karma follows him. If you combine karma with the talent of this Seahawks team, they aren't going to win a single game. Who are their receivers? I don't know. I know more about Australian A League soccer than I do about the Seattle roster. Their RBs are talented though. Forsett and Washington (if healthy) can take pressure off of Hasselbeck and/or Whitehurst and his hair.

Dallas over Washington

-Jerry Jones is going to be disappointed when his team isn't playing the Super Bowl in their stadium. Their defense was very fast but teams adapt quickly in the NFL. I don't know. I just think the Cowboys will be average. I still have no respect for the Redskins. I'd like to root for McNabb's success because I'm a McNabb fan. I hate his team though. Their fans are delusional. Shanahan employed four running backs who are past their prime. I hope the teams tie.

Baltimore over New York Jets

-I enjoyed the Jets' Hard Knocks season. Last year, after watching Hard Knocks, I thought the Bengals were doomed because of what I witnessed. The coaches didn't think they had good depth at any position. The Jets got in the playoffs with a 9-7 record. The defense will be awesome and the offense will struggle. I don't know why they're the favorite to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. I'm not sold. I couldn't stand the team last season because they were terrible to watch. I'm still stunned they made the AFC Championship game and nearly won. I like Baltimore a lot this season. Flacco needs to find consistency but Harbaugh's assembled a team that should win the AFC North and, possibly, represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

San Diego over Kansas City

-If the Chargers suffer any dropoff this season, they will still win the AFC West. I think the Chiefs are improved. I like their running backs, the receivers and the defense. But they're inexeperienced. Remember, Rivers is crazy. He'll will the Chargers to victory in the regular season and then choke in the playoffs.

Overall: 0-0

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