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2012 Week 13 NFL Picks

Welcome to the Week 13 NFL picks. I need to begin the picks seriously. A friend of mine passed away earlier this week. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. She was important to so many people, and she was so funny, sweet and genuine. I'll miss her.

New Orleans over Atlanta

-The Saints were the only team to beat Atlanta this season, just a few weeks ago actually. So, why do I always forget the Falcons are a 10 win team? Like their game against Tampa, that they won, I remember them losing. I remember them losing the Arizona game, but they won. They aren't revered like past 10 win teams. The media, talking heads, pundits, blowhards, and fans, keep waiting for the other shoe to drop with the Falcons. Perceptions might change if they beat New Orleans tonight, they're arch-rival. The Saints got a few seconds montage on FOX hailing their rebound from the bounty stuff, only to then lose. Dan Dierdorf would label this a "Big Boy" game.

Buffalo over Jacksonville

-Harvard Fitzpatrick's big day didn't happen against Indy; maybe he'll throw for 600 yards this week and get a folk song for it. Chad Henne's like a character from my ideal sports movie. A guy who gets booted from town (or a school) because the town’s folk thought he was terrible only to resurface and play awesome with an even worse team. Hollywood needs to make an uplifting high school sports movie about a QB who's the difference between a 1 win season and a 2 win season. Forget the miracle runs to state; give me stories about horrible teams. Jason Babin will play this game for the Jags, who claimed him off waivers. The media turned on Babin fast. It was completely expected.

Chicago over Seattle

-Jay Cutler absolutely restored the Bears last week. Minnesota's considered finished by some after Chicago destroyed them. Jay Cutler needs to stay healthy for the team to compete in the playoffs. They should make the playoffs but lest they want to compete Cutler needs to remain healthy. I saw an article about how Cutler is a great QB so it doesn't matter that he's a douche bag. The media are so damn fickle, and they need to quit believing athletes need to be top citizens. Seattle's stronger at home. I think Chicago's defense handles Wilson easily.

Indianapolis over Detroit

-Detroit's just mediocre. I think their problem is coaching. LeShoure and Bell ran the ball well on Thanksgiving. They averaged over 4.5 yards per carry. After a big Joqie Bell run, Detroit called 21 straight pass plays. Houston tied it. Of course, Detroit got screwed by the idiotic rule in place that prevents a play from being challenged if the coach tries to challenge a non-challengeable play. Detroit has several problems, though. They're one dimensional with one great receiver. Their defense is undisciplined, and Suh's going to try to kill someone like that Taiwanese Japanese animation showed. Indy's sort of similar to Detroit: they can't run the ball, but Luck has more receivers to throw to, and the defense isn't as awful. Plus, Indy's coaching is better.

Green Bay over Minnesota

-I think the Vikings lone highlight against Chicago was a Jared Allen post-sack celebration. It was the liveliest moment in the game for Minnesota. I don't think Minnesota's finished. I mean, they'll hang around on the fringe of a playoff berth but won't get it. Ponder may be the team's downfall, he of the 2 games in 3 weeks of throwing for less than 70 yards. Aaron Rodgers is my reason for picking Green Bay.

Houston over Tennessee

-A bad team and a mediocre team took Houston to the edge in consecutive games. Will Tennessee? Common sense says no, but Houston's defense is banged up and can't stop anyone. Jake Locker very well could throw for 400 yards and make fantasy owners rue the fact they didn't pick up Damien Williams during the week; however, Houston's rested and should reassert themselves as the best team in the AFC.

Carolina over Kansas City

-It's Week 13, so horrible games like this one are on tap. Carolina's offense was great against the Eagles. Don't pick Carolina because of how they played against the Eagles. Kansas City won't bite on every fake or overpursue and miss tackles or throw nothing but screens for four quarters (the last thing isn't true of the Eagles). Ron Rivera's motivated to save his job. The best Carolina can do is finish 6-10. Kansas City's been pretty much given up, I think. Their fans have.

San Francisco over St. Louis

-I haven't correctly spelled Colin Kaepernick's name until now. Harbaugh threw the mix and match idea out. Kaepernick then beat the New Orleans Saints (the Saints defense is bad, remember). Kaepernick just plays football because he's a football player. I saw an article about Chris Givens of the Rams and was stunned the Rams receive national coverage. The 4pm radio broadcast was Rams/Cardinals. The pre-game featured a 10 minute interview with Stephens-Howling of the Rams. Life's full of surprises.

New England over Miami

-The Pats have averaged nearly 48 points in the last month. They're strangely prolific in spurts. I'll admit to liking their offensive juggernaut side. Miami took the worst of New England's Eff You offense in 2007. Miami has a decent shot of winning, that is if their defense can stop New England which, admittedly, is unlikely. The Dolphins played well and got a close win against Seattle. For all the importance of Ryan Tannehill playing well, it's his defense that'll give him a chance to make up for mistakes

New York Jets over Arizona

-Jay Feely said that it's tough to lose seven consecutive games. Watching this game will be tougher than that. The Jets are like Eric Matthews in the "Brotherly Shove" episode in the seventh season of Boy Meets World. Eric's an idiot during season seven except for one episode when he needs to be serious because Cory chose to clean the garage out with Shawn and Topanga instead of him. I wrote about this episode last year. It's nonsense. Anyway, like Eric Matthews during his fight with Cory, the Jets are surprisingly competent against average teams. How did the Jets play in consecutive AFC Championship games?

Denver over Tampa Bay

-Denver will lose again. Kansas City played them tough because of Romeo Crennel, who coordinated those Patriot defenses that owned Manning. Tampa almost beat Atlanta last week. Doug Martin powered them and kept the game close. I'm interested in watching the finesse style of the Broncos against the physical ground and pound style of that insane man Greg Schiano.

Cleveland over Oakland

-Oh, Oakland. Oakland didn't allow 40+ points, but they almost did, and that's what counts. Brandon Weeden should have the game of his professional career. Oakland runs around like Christopher Lloyd's intervening. Also, I called Carson Palmer a failed quarterback last week, forgetting that no quarterback could win with the Oakland defense.

San Diego over Cincinnati

-San Diego got a bad break on Sunday. Of course, I haven't seen highlights nor the talked about 4th and 29 Ray Rice run. From what I've heard, the run changed the game. I'm betting (not really, I don't gamble for a myriad of reasons) against Cincy traveling west and playing well. I will draft AJ Green in my next fantasy draft, though. He'd catch balls even if Air Bud was his quarterback.

Baltimore over Pittsburgh

-Pittsburgh won't win without Big Ben. Anyway, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishell signed on for Disney's sequel series, Girl Meets World. I could not be happier about it. I re-watched BMW four times in a year, and wrote various posts about the geography of the show as well as the size of John Adams High. Two weeks ago, I insulted their Thanksgiving episode at length. Girl Meets World might be utter shit. I won't care. I'm watching every episode. Disney's present sitcoms aren't great. The tone of their sitcoms grate and the acting is atrocious. Just ten years ago, they had gold with Even Stevens. Girl Meets World needs to be left alone. Whoever runs the show needs to aim for the tone of the second season of Boy Meets World, its best by far. Just hire me, whoever is running the show. I'll write a spec episode and then make Girl Meets World a modern classic.

Philadelphia over Dallas

-Why wasn't this flexed out of primetime? Not even Philadelphia Eagles fans want to watch the team play anymore. They're abysmal. Nick Foles won't succeed behind his offensive line, so we won't know how good he'll be long term. The wide nine is a complete disaster. The secondary's clueless. If David Sims can't replace Kurt Coleman, he must be really bad in practice. I imagine Juan Castillo's self-esteem increasing each week. I think Greg Salas will be the fourth receiver on Sunday night. Riley Cooper and Maclin will start. Damaris, I suppose, plays the slot; or Cooper does and Damaris starts. No matter what, it'll be a bad time for the Birds. Collinsworth said Romo had the game of his career week 1. Romo's going to surpass that Sunday night. I would finish a game with a 134 passer rating against the Eagles.

New York Giants over Washington

-I never thought I'd see the day when the Redskins were fun to watch. The day is here. RG3 is spectacular. I regret not watching more of his Baylor games. I'm a sucker for convincing Giant wins, though. The New York Giants will pop Washington's balloon.

Last Week: 6-10
Overall: 104-71


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